Apollo Arrow – Supercar 1000 hp – $1,1 Million Price Tag

The Apollo Arrow also called the art of German engineering  – with a reason, this masterpiece is build by Gumpert Sportwagenmanufaktur GmbH (now renamed to Apollo Automobil GmbH) has 1000 horsepower under the hood and already competing in the exclusive league of collectible cars built-to-order.

Do you remember the super fast Gumpert Apollo? – bizarre looking, but devastating fast – one of the fastest cars ever to lap the Nurburgring. After bankruptcy Gumpert has been revived with fresh investment from hong Kong, new name and of corse – new beautifully designed car. Inspired by marine biology, this super car could deliver 1000 Nm of torque and up to 1000 horsepower.

Design Philosophy of Apollo Arrow

Nowadays the customers are very sensitive to design of the cars, inspired by the ocean the Apollo’s fluidity of the design reminds of a shark – giving the car  appearance of constant motion and aggression.


Length 4,890 MM
Height 1,224 MM
Width 1,992 MM (2,185 MM with mirrors)
Wheel gauge front/back 1,670/1,598 MM
Wheelbase 2,700 MM

The engine is built by Audi, V-8 with twin turbo. With output of 986 hp at 6700 rpm. The 2900 pound supercar reaches 62 mph in 2,9 seconds, the top speed is 220 Mph

What about the price?

The price of this vehicle is $1 100 000. Of course the price tag can rise if you add customizations. The price tag of this car makes it one of the most expensive one on the market.