Toyota Yaris 2005 Performance and Tuning

The 2005-Present Toyota Yaris and Toyota Vitz are solid platforms for performance tuning. For the North American market, the vehicles use a 1.5L four-cylinder engine with intelligently controlled valve timing producing 106 horsepower and 103 lb-ft of

The engine is coded 1NZ-FE and has an all-aluminum block and dual overhead cams. The engine’s stock internals generally stand up well to turbo-charging and supercharging. Along with the car’s small curb weight, the Yaris is a great platform for performance modification.

The aftermarket performance market is strong for the Yaris and includes products such as exhaust, intake, performance chips, big brake kits, clutch kits and more.

Toyota Yaris Turbo Kits

There are a few options for turbocharging your Toyota yaris. One option is the ZAGE turbo kit (pictured below) which is a simple self-contained bolt-on turbo kit. The kit is not available for sale in the US but it is a popular option in other parts of the world. A kit may be imported but there is little record of this happening.

The Zage option promises 180 horsepower from their kit. It includes the turbo, intercooler, manifold, blow-off valve and all of the fittings for installation. The kit requires a piggyback ECU program.

Intake and exhaust

There are several options for the intake and exhaust systems on the Toyota Yaris. These free-flowing parts make it easier for your Yaris to breathe and will also change the tone of the car. A typical intake, header and exhaust combination will make an additional 10 to 15 horsepower difference on the


Bolt-on headers for the Yaris are available from Megan Racing and Weapon-R. These parts are easy to install and bolt up to a new or existing exhaust system.

yaris performance header


TRD makes a good cat-back exhaust system for the Yaris including exhaust tip. Other options include Borla, Greddy and APEXi.


A performance filter is the basic intake upgrade for the Yaris and K&N makes a filter for the vehicle. However, if you are looking for a full cold-air intake system with cone filter, AEM makes one which is well rated.

Many options are available for Yaris Performance such as performance chips, lightweight pulleys, high-compression pistons and others.

Performance Chips

There are a few performance chips available for the Toyota Yaris. However, the Yaris ECU is notoriously resistant to modification. Claims for these chips ranges from 15 horsepower to 80 horsepower. However, these claims are usually viewed as unsubstantiated and Yaris owners should look into ECU modifications skeptically before buying. eBay consistently has a variety of these chips for sale.


NA Tuning

The Toyota Yaris has a variety of internal and external parts available for tuning with natural aspiration. An inexpensive option is a lightweight pulley system to decrease drag on the engine. This is a good modification in conjunction with a lightweight flywheel, but may change driveability.

Another option is increasing engine compression with high-compression pistons. Forged aftermarket pistons are available through a few suppliers. Aftermarket camshafts are not available for the Yaris at this time.

Brake Kits

For a simple brake system upgrade, the Yaris can be fitted with upgraded brake pads. These pads usually have uprated temperature tolerance and will stand up better to heat.

Drilled or slotted rotors with braided lines are the next step for brake upgrades. The Scion xB uses the same parts for this, so any big brake kit for the xB should fit. Powerslot makes a kit which is inexpensive and should bolt right up to the OEM parts.

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