Getting a Supply-Chain Job

Supply chains are everywhere as there should always be the means for consumers to get the products that they need. These supply chains involves a lot of different processes along the way. To begin with, there is the acquisition of raw materials, to be succeeded by the other necessary processes to arrive at the finish product, to be distributed to the market. This chain of events call for different personnel. Aside from this, there is the storage, transportation, and delivery to the retailers. A supply chain job occurs in any of the processes involved in any of the processes.

What’s in a supply-chain job?

A supply job can involve any job that’s included in any of the processes in a supply chain. From the distribution manager to the clerk.

Being a procurement clerk does not require much education. A high school diploma will do. Usually, procurement clerks receive on the job trainings to be familiarized with the processes involved in the job. However, some higher degrees of responsibilities may call for further education or certification as well. With better experience , procurement clerks also get the chance to ascend at higher levels of responsibilities and roles. Procurement clerks often undertake the processing of purchase requests, preparation of invitation to bids, and checking inventory availability.

Supply Chain Job

Procurement clerks must be good at record keeping, and must have excellent organization skills. Aside from this, a procurement clerk should have the needed computer skills. A number of procurement clerks work for the government, and other supply-chain companies. Those who have experience working a procurement clerk in the federal government has better chances of landing at a job in a private supply chain company.

There are certifications offered be a number of organizations for procurement clerks. To name a few, there is The Association for Operations Management, and The American Purchasing Society. Procurement clerks are normally paid by the hour for $16, or may earn up to $42,000 annually.

Distribution Manager for a Supply Chain Job

Distribution managers are at the top of the supply chain, as they undertake executive tasks such as overseeing the transportation of goods from one place to another, or from the production site to the site of delivery. Distribution managers are also responsible in the acquisition of materials to the processes to come up with the finished products. Managers also make sure that the products reach the market in time. They should also be knowledgeable on the latest marketing trends and prices.

An aspiring procurement manager should be knowledgeable in economics. Aside from this, the manager should have a bachelors degree in economics, business, accounting, or any other related business courses. Those who have courses in computer science may be an excellent fit for the jobs as well. For those who aspire to become procurement manager of multinational and large corporations must have a master’s degree in distribution management or business administration.

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