IT Jobs – The Database Administrator

There are a lot of opportunities for those who want to become a part of the IT industry. IT is needed in every other industry too, aside from its own. Companies rely to the wonders of Information Technology to undertake their business process, and more importantly, to come store up their important documents, and documentations. There is a specific field of IT that is dedicated to the storage of files, and the building of databases; and that is the where there is the need for a Database Administrator. DBAs are the IT professionals that deal with a company’s databases; working on programs to run it, and maintaining it as well.

Obligations of the DBA

Depending on his or her venue of work, the tasks of a DBA may vary. The demands that should be fulfilled in this particular line of work may be limitless, but the same is confined in that which is concerned with the maintenance of the databases. In spite of these differences though, a DBA’s topmost concern is the creation of databases, its programs, recovery of the database in times of disaster, performance analysis, tuning, maintenance, up to database design. The DBA ensures the functionality of the database of the company, and ensures that efficiency is considered as well.

6 Required Tasks of the DBA

The DBA are required to put these six important goals in the performance of his or her duties: Recoverability, Security, Integrity, Performance, Availability, and Development and Testing Support.

Recoverability. This is the goal of the DBA which pertains to taking preventive actions as against possible errors in data entry, programs, and hardware. This also implies that the DBA should be able to restore the database in its proper state in case of disaster.

Security. The DBA should tailor the features of the database to conform to the security standards and policies of the company. While the DBA does this, he or she must consider that the data might still be changed and accessed by authorized persons.

Integrity. This goals of the DBA pertains to the task of creating secured, yet workable databases for authorized persons.

Performance. The DBA should always consider the system’s performance, meaning, he or she must maintain system efficiency and workability. He or she must examine the SQL statements, overall system architecture, and table processes.

Availability. Though ensuring that the system is secured, the DBA must also make it a point that the data are available and accessible as may be needed.

Development and Testing Support. The DBA must be willing and open for changes and modification in the database and its program/s. He or she must strive to constantly improve the database, for the advantage of the company.

Education and Certifications

For one to become a DBA, he or she must first acquire a Microsoft certification as to that effect. Particularly, he or she must earn a Microsoft Certified Database Administrator certificate. Acquisition of this certificate requires training and testing too. Earning this certificate may not come in easy, but it surely is worth it.

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