Managing Your Legal Job Search Online – Create Your Personal Brand

Admit it: though you think you be as well qualified than your competitors over the same job, there is always the difficulty that you face in actually landing at a job. Though there may be a number of opportunities for you to finally have that dream job in the legal industry, everything may never come in easy. With the rest of your competitors doing the same strategy in your job search, what edge do you have over them?

In this modern day and age, marketing your skills and potential may be easier than it used to be back then. In the advent of social networking sites, social media, and other opportunities to be connected over the internet, there are sure fire ways to acquire a profile that companies seek for a prospect employee.

Nowadays, branding does not only work in pushing a product or service forward; rather, this has become a means to promote oneself t be “saleable” and wanted by companies and firms. And, this you can do, through maintaining your active and searchable profiles over the internet. In other words, you need to establish your very own online presence.

Aside from coming up with your own “resume” in hard copy, you should have your profile over the internet as well. These social media accounts should be a mirror of what you can do, and what you have to offer to your prospect employees. Creating a brand online can definitely land you at a rewarding career, and more.

Here are a few tips that you can follow to create your own brand to assist you in your online job search:

1) Email Address: Professionals need professional email addresses too. Now is the time to drop off the “cool” portrayal of yourself during your younger years. Replace the coolady@ or hunkman@ with an email address that may be close toJob-Search-Online-Create Your-Personal-Brand your name, or that which is not ambiguous at all. An ideal email address would be a combination of your first and last name, plus your birthday.

2) Online Image: Nowadays, the practice of hiring employees include doing a background check online before inviting the applicant over for an interview. In this case, you might want to recheck your pictures over your social media accounts. Though you cannot control everything that your prospect employer might see or read about you over Google, you can take control of the things you actually have control over– such as your social media accounts.

3) Social Media Presence: The next step should be building your online presence by being available for viewing at the mainstream social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, or Google+.

Facebook: Facebook is perhaps the biggest social networking site to date. An account of your over this social media platform is easily searchable by many, and so are the accounts of those who are signed up for an account over this site as well. Make Facebook work to your advantage by connecting with your references. You can even be connected to a potential employer through this. You may want to make sure that your adjust your privacy settings intelligently so as to guarantee your privacy.
Twitter: This social media site is a micro blogging platform where you can create statements in 140 characters, or less. You can use your Twitter profile to connect to your potential employers, or be connected with jobs portal and other relevant twitter accounts too. Follow relevant twitter users and get follows as well. Through twitter, you get a heads up on everything you need to know– if you start to follow.
LinkedIn: An account over LinkedIn can dictate your success in your job hunt. Come up with an impressive LinkedIn account and create an air of professionalism over the same. LinkedIn is being used by corporations and other pertinent business organizations to connect to potential employees too; so be on their radar with a LinkedIn account as well.
Google+: While there are a lot of other more prominent social networking sites out there, nothing beats having a Google+ account for all the good things that this site can surely bring about. To begin with, you become more searchable over this top search engine too. Be more visible with a Google+ account.
4) Google Alerts: Sign up for Google alerts and get the first hand updates on the latest on anything, based on your preference. This could be an excellent means to monitor the activities in your local job market, and apply before everybody else does! You can also set up email alerts to get updates on the latest posts by your prospect employer.

5. ) Blogging: While blogging may not be as essential as your resume or cover letter in your job application, this could be an excellent means to show off your knowledge on particular topics relevant to the career you intend to become a part of. However, make sure that you are responsible in your blogging activities. Know that your blog becomes public the moment you publish it online, so better make sure that you blog only the blog-worthy contents only to accrue to a positive image of you.

6) References: Finally, make sure you keep your references at bay. This means that you should keep in touch with them every now and then, and inform them of your intent to make them your worthy references for your job applications. Choosing references who work in the same industry as that you apply for should be more advantageous too.

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