Overview of Career as Registered Nurse

Career as Nursing

Nature of Work A Registered Nurse is responsible for assisting doctors, providing counseling, guidance, education, and may even provide appropriate referrals. Nurse is responsible for recording and reporting the health status of patients and other appropriate information.
There are many nursing programs offered throughout the United States, such as:
Licensed Practical Nurse Registered Nurse (requires associate’s or baccalaureate degree)
Advanced Clinical Practice Registered Nurse (requires masters or doctoral degree)
Registered nurses with advanced practice in Administration , Education, Research, and other fields (require masters or doctoral degree)

Career Opportunities

As you may know, nursing is the largest and of most of demand health-care occupation. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, Registered Nursing is among the Top Ten Occupations with the Largest Job Growth and projected to continually grow in years to come due to overwhelming need of health care.
Possible environment of employment include:

Clinical Hospitals
Nursing Homes
Public Health
Teaching positions (colleges and universities)

Registered Nurse is one of the secure field and salary is stunning! Here is average salary within different areas of employment according to BLS.GOV

Employment services $64,260
General medical and surgical hospitals 58,550nurse-job
Home health care services 54,190
Offices of physicians 53,800
Nursing care facilities 52,490

If you enjoy helping others and hands-on type career, nursing is field you should definitely look into!

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