Property Inventory Clerk – What You Need To Land This Job

A property inventory clerk is a professional who undertakes the job of visiting houses and other properties, for the purpose of creative an inventory of the condition of the house, including the minute details and such other pertinent concerns regarding the property, that should be communicated to the parties concerned. Through the written account created by the property inventory clerk as about the condition of the walls, floors, windows, fixtures, and ceiling of the property, the landlord or the agent is able to draft a document to the same effect, before the property is transferred to a tenant.

This professional may work independently, to acquire work from a steady stream of agents or landlords who come to him or her to undertake property inventory. He or she may also work for a property inventory company, enjoying a steady stream of work and monthly paychecks.

Those who aspire to become a property inventory clerk should possess the following traits:

1. Keenness and Attention to DetailInventory-Clerk-job

As part of the roles of a property inventory clerk, he or she must be able to include in the inventory even the slightest damage or detail as about the property. Being able to detect even the coffee stains, scuff marks on the sofa, or the marks on the floor, can draw a great effect on the parties concerned. If the property inventory clerk fails to make an account for these small damage on his or her inventory, the tenant may then be asked to pay for the same damage after the tenancy contract, which is not desired at all.

2. Strong Communication Skills

In some instances, the property inventory clerk may bring along a dictaphone to record his or her observation with regards to the property. The dictaphone records then are transmitted to the company’s secretary to make a written account for such observations. With this, the property inventory clerk should know above average house terms and vocabulary to be able to undertake his or her job effectively.

3. Reliable and Consistent

An aspiring property inventory clerk should be reliable and consistent in the performance of his or her duty, and perhaps this is true regardless of the industry. This person should also manifest a great sense of professionalism such as in showing up at the site presentably and punctually.

If you think that you have what it takes to become a property inventory clerk, there are always a lot of opportunities to apply for a job in this field.

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