The Amazing The D Las Vegas Casino Hotel – Las Vegas (Former Fitzgeralds Las Vegas)

Fitzgeralds-Las-Vegas-11The Fritzgeralds Las Vegas is situated right at the very heart of Las Vegas and nearby government owned establishments such as the Las Vegas City hall, public library and the famous Lied Discovery Children’s museum. There are also establishments that will be great sources of interest for tourists and local people alike. These include the Las Vegas Natural History museum as well as the Cashman Field Convention center.  The D has a variety dining alternatives which consists of a fancy restaurant and a lounge. Although room service is very good, it is only available within a period of time.  Also, the management has included a spa tub as part of their amusement amenities.

The D is a two point five star property that is furnished with a business center and provides equipment for audio-visual purposes. Access to the Internet is provided though with charge through a wireless connection in almost all the public areas. Furthermore, the Fitzgeralds Las Vegas property features an event space that has facilities for formal meals, conference and assembly spaces and also a ballroom for parties. The hotel also provides services for nuptial events and tour assistance. As a form of compliment for the dwellers, guest parking is accessible. There are also additional amenities inside the establishment and these include a casino for those who love betting, cafe’ and a coffee shop and the valet parking.Fitzgeralds-Las-Vegas-4

Overall, the D has approximately six hundred and thirty eight guestrooms. The bathrooms in every room are magnificently furnished with a shower and tub combination, toiletries free of charge and also dryers for the hair. Moreover, every guestroom is equipped with a telephone, voice mail and safes where you can secure your valuable items. For your viewing pleasure, The D has the finest cable channels and pay per view movies.

When inside theThe D, safety is ensured through the use of electronic and magnetic keys. To accommodate every guest’s need, housekeeping is available and if you happen to bring along with you your kids, cribs and rollaway beds are most accessible per request. What is most interesting with Fitzgeralds Las Vegas is the fact that their customer service department is equipped with employees who are multilingual; hence, it will not be difficult to accommodate the guests who have come from different places around the world. Aside from that the place is also accommodating to disabled persons with their handicapped parking areas and
Braille signage.

What Is The D Las Vegas?

Fitzgeralds-Las-Vegas-casinoThe D is composed of a hotel and casino that goes up to the thirty fourth storeys and consists of about six hundred thirty eight rooms. This establishment is located in downtown Las Vegas of United States of America. Barden Nevada is the known proprietor of the hotel which happens to be the subsidiary of the Majestic Star Casino.  Fitzgeralds Las Vegas has a three thousand nine hundred square meter dimension casino, more than a few fancy restaurants, a business center and breathtaking pool and spa.  This hotel is situated at the east portion of famous Fremont St. Experience.

According to sources, The D will soon open a betting facility or otherwise known as the race and sports book which will be situated in the 2nd floor of Fitzgeralds casino. This will be operated by the company called Lucky’s Race and Sports Book. Furthermore, the Fitzgeralds Las Vegas casino is equipped with over nine hundred slot machines and greater than twenty table games.  The hotel is themed with the Irish luck alongside the three-leafed white clover sign of Ireland as well as leprechauns. Located inside the Fitzgeralds  are hanging in suspension the sign falls and kills of Patches O’Houlihan in the movie called Dodgeball: A True Underdog Story.Fitzgeralds-Las-Vegas-8

History has it that in 1987, Fitzgeralds Las Vegas started with the name Sundance Hotel but was later known to become what it is now. In December 2001, the gaming company of Barden Nevada obtained 3 properties of Fitzgerald and 2 years later, the Fitzgeralds Las Vegas became an asset of the Barden Development company. It was reported in the middle part of 2008 that the owner of the hotel pledge his property located in downtown Las Vegas to produce an equity stake of about thirty five million for a Pittsburgh casino with only slots available. Later, it was reported that his property remained an asset to yield money for a gambling business that was struggling.

The Fitzgeralds Las Vegas was the only known hotel and casino which has close proximity to the planned relocation of the famous theme attraction called the Star Trek: The Experience.  This attraction has been situated in the Las Vegas Hilton for more than 10 years. However, what had been anticipated to happen did not take place during May 2009. In the meantime, not only is Fitzgeralds Las Vegas known for its casino space but also of the amenities the hotel can provide which can be comparable to 5-star hotels also located in Las Vegas.

Find Comfort at The D

Fitzgeralds-hotel-Las-Vegas-2 The D hotel is the ideal location of comfort, elegance and price. Compared to other hotels and casinos with magnificent sizes and distinction and their opulence overwhelming, the Fitzgeralds Las Vegas runs with a theme of Irish luck filled with shamrock and elves. In the beginning, this hotel was launched as the Sundance Hotel during the late 70s. Furthermore, this is the best place for people who love to gamble but do not need to squander everything they have saved given the fact that this hotel is popularly known to have inexpensive poker tables, slot machines that are loose and cheap accommodations.

With greater than six hundred rooms for the guests and go as high as the thirty fourth stories, The D can accommodate many tourists even during the busiest seasons of the year like spring and fall.  The guestrooms may not be that ideal for the wealthy and famous, nevertheless, they are superbly spic and span. The rooms are very spacious and well organized which consist of a bed in king size dimension, nice bathroom and also a media service by way of an office area. You will be offered with a panoramic view of what Las Vegas will look like at night by paying a visit to the ten stories of the Fitzgeralds Las Vegas.

Another remarkable feature of the The D hotel is its focal location. Since this is situated within the prominent Freemont Street, the glowing road called the Strip is only 5 minutes away from the hotel. Also, the Fitzgeralds Las Vegas is a 20 minute drive to the airport. Although the average room rate is about 65 dollars every night stay, guests can still experience the amenities that are similar with luxurious and glamorous hotels but without the need for high charge.

The most famous section of Fitzgeralds Las Vegas is the casino floor that is huge and very spacious. It was stated in a famous publication that the Fitzgerald Las Vegas is on the number 1 spot in terms of reel, progressive and penny slots. Through this affirmation, one can say that this casino is not only prominent but also inexpensive as well.  Aside from the slot machines lining up on the floor, there are also 32 table games available. Examples of which are blackjack, roulette and craps. Individuals who wish to learn more about the games which are being offered can avail of the training classes for free which are usually done in the mornings led by expert dealers of the hotel.

Fitzgeralds Las Vegas

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