How To Start An Indoor Herb Garden


For many reasons, indoor herb gardening is becoming more popular among herb gardening enthusiast. Few of the common reasons are lack of outdoor gardening space, for ultimate convenience, and the ability to grow your family’s favorite herbs indoors on the windowsill or even in small containers.

Having an indoor herb garden is very helpful for people because herbs can be used for multiple purposes such as potpourri, to give food flavor, for medical reasons, for tea, and also to keep pest out of their gardens. People create herb gardens to fit one of those uses or they can mix it up and get herbs that serve different purposes.

There are several different ways indoor herb gardening can be done. For a small family, all you need to grow your herbs is four to six feet of earth or a few containers and the kinds of herbs you want to grow – even though it is very popular to use herbs as culinary herbs, or herbs used for cooking, some herbs are grown because they smell really good or because they are beautiful.

How To Start An Indoor Herb Garden


You can begin your herb gardening by purchasing herbs and planting them or you can grow them from seeds. It is spectacular and it makes you feel good to see your plant grow from a seed. You will be a part of each step of the seeds growth, from the time it first starts to grow until it dies.

Indoor herb gardening is a terrific way to relax, have a good time and enjoy the herbs you create. It is even more rewarding to grow an herb from a tiny seed than it is to grow other plants.

Once you’ve created your indoor herb garden it is equally important you know how to take good care of it. Plants are living beings. By understanding their needs and providing their requirements at the right time you will have a healthy, leafy herb indoor garden throughout the year.

Indoor Gardening For All Seasons

In late winter, you should put your seed in a small box or pot. Make sure to have your herbs grow in soil that is not heavy but well-drained. Because the herb’s roots will not go down very far, don’t put a lot of soil over your seed. You should plant the seed shallow. Keep this rule in mind: the tinier the seed, the shallower the seed should be.

In the spring, you will be able to transplant your herb to the outdoor garden or place them in your windowsill. Even though you can grow your herb from a seed, sometimes you will not be able to transplant them very well. If you are growing herbs like fennel, basil, dill, coriander, or fennel, then you need to plant them in the garden to start with.

Although indoor herb gardening is extremely easy, but there is a ton of information that you should know and understand about starting an herb garden and growing herbs indoors. Your first step was this article, but you need to find out more information to know everything you should. You will be able to find that information right within this website!

Best of Luck!

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