Benefits of Diesel Generators

When you are looking for the best generator on the market, you are introduced to units that operate from gas, diesel, propane, and sometimes rarely solar sources. Taking all of these units and comparing them to determine what you are really looking for in a generator is vital and diesel generators are certainly no different. It is important to note that there are several distinct benefits that a diesel generator offers above the traditional gasoline powered model.

One of the first differences that many people notice is that overall they are often made to last much longer than gasoline models. This means the same $2,000 invested in a diesel model will yield a better return than the same amount of money invested into a gasoline powered model. By increasing the life span of the generator, you are looking at huge savings in terms of replacement costs alone.

Diesel generators also have the benefit of providing cheaper operation costs than a gasoline generator as well. On average, a diesel generator is up to 50% cheaper to operate per watt of power produced. This means that your fuel expenses to produce the exact same amount of power is going to be greatly reduced, which can often be a huge help towards your bottom line.

Another benefit is the fact that maintenance needs are much lower. There are no spark plugs, as well as spark plug wires that must be checked and changed periodically. In addition, overall the generator requires no maintenance until after approximately 13,000 hours of operation for a tune up. Compare this to a gasoline generator using a spark plug, spark plug wire and often needing servicing after approximately 7,000 hours of usage.benefits-of-diesel-generators

You are also likely to notice that because diesel burns at a cooler temperature than gasoline that the motor is not burned out as quickly. This can equal out to less maintenance, fewer repairs and much less replacements needed. Overall, this can produce huge and phenomenal results for businesses that are looking to control closely the costs associated with operating a generator.

In addition to benefiting businesses diesel generators can also benefit individuals just as much. However, individuals tend to use the units much less, which can sometimes make it very difficult to recoup the additional expense that they cost over a gasoline powered model. Facts remain that overall the diesel generators make a great choice for most businesses as well as individuals.

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