Coleman Generators Offers Unique Combination

In the world of generators, few people expect tools to be combined. In the world of electronics, people expect almost everything to be combined from MP3 players to phones and even cameras all wrapped into a single package. For those who are looking at a way to reduce the clutter in their garage without giving up any tools Coleman generators offers a unique solution.

The Dual Power generator from Coleman is a generator combined with an air compressor designed to help you whenever you need the assistance of powered air, or back up power. With the primary design purpose of providing power to power tools when electricity is not readily available this little gem is a perfect solution. Rated to only 3,000 continuous watts this is certainly not going to back up an entire house, but for emergency usage, you can definitely use this to your benefit.Coleman-Generator

Adding to the features that the Coleman Dual Power generator offers there is an oil alert, and a nice 5-gallon tank. Biggest problem this model offers is the weight, combining two massive power tools into a single package certainly is not light but at 373 pounds, this is one of the biggest portable models on the market today. A portability kit is available, however still a bit of a chore trying to move it.

For those who are looking for extended run time, you can get a decent 10 hours from a single tank of gas at 50% capacity, which while not the most fuel efficient model on the market is still relatively impressive for a combined power tool. On the air compressor end you can get a nice 40PSI to as much as 90PSI while the generator itself is not loaded which is decent for a home model.

Other features include three separate 2-gallon air receivers combined with the liquid filled pressure gauges, one of which is regulated while the other is not. The compressor also includes an aluminum cooling fan and a 3/8” adjustable high flow regulator.

In the world of power tools, this Coleman generator is certainly a treat for those who do not want to give up tools but at tightly limited on space. Combining the two pieces together into a single piece has created a great way to ensure that everybody is able to fit the generator as well as compressor into their home if they previously only had room for one before.

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