Comparing Makita Generators

Many people have never heard of Makita, and for those who have not, it is a bit of a disappointment. They offer a small line of powerful generators, but unlike most companies that offer only limited lines there is a huge assortment of capacities to choose from. With the smallest coming in as a sleek and tiny 1,100-watt machine and the largest in the line currently packing a powerful 12,000 watt, punch Makita generators definitely are worth a good look.

Bringing about a huge difference in weight the smallest 1,100-watt model comes in at a 55-pound weight. A bit bulkier than the competition, but still a decently portable size. The currently largest available model that is offered the 12,000 watt model comes in at a much chunkier 311 pounds, however compared to many competition models is a very manageable size for the amount of power you are getting.

The great news is that with fuel consumption issues so pressing, Makita certainly did not ignore that in their models. The smallest 1,100-watt model is seeing a tiny 1.1-gallon tank and a decent 4.2 hours of running time at maximum capacity while the 12,000-watt model has a much larger 11.4-gallon tank that provides a generous 8.2 hours of running time. While the fuel efficiency could be higher, especially in the smallest model the 12,000-watt model is providing impressive levels.Makita-G5501R-Generator

For those who are concerned about noise levels. Makita has decided not to disappoint. While everyone knows that most industrial generators are loud, most competitors are offering models up to 10,000 watts that have around 80dB ratings while the Makita 12,000 watt model comes in at a slightly quieter 77dB rating. Nicely establishing itself in terms of fuel efficiency, power, and noise levels this is certainly a well qualified industrial model.

For those looking for only a tiny ultra portable unit the 1,100-watt model is a tiny bit disappointing because of the extra weight, and less than spectacular fuel efficiency, but with a dB rating of 59, this unit is very competitive in noise levels of the competition. Overall, the Makita generators have a lot to offer and with the assortment of sizes available, most people can easily find a model that will suit their needs without leaving them wishing for something bigger. Choosing which model you really want may be your biggest problem.

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