Essential Maintenance for a Gasoline Generator

Owners of generators regardless of what they operate from for fuel should always perform periodic maintenance to ensure that it runs properly for as long as possible. Remember, frequent and timely maintenance can help avoid costly repairs or prematurely worn out equipment so it is well worth the few minutes to do maintenance in order to save money in the end.

Every 8 hours that the generator is in use, or at least a minimum of once a day you should just quickly look over the generator. Check exposed wires and ensure they are not melted, check for rust and also check the oil levels. Checking frequently ensures that the oil stays at the proper levels and also allows you to notice potential problems quickly, rather than only discovering the problem upon a breakage.gasoline-generator

It is recommended especially for new machines for the initial break in that the oil be changed after the first 20 hours of operation. This is considered vital to ensure a long life of the engine. Once the initial oil has been changed at 20 hours it is not necessary to repeat the process except for every 150 hours which is just for ensuring that the oil quality is good and protecting the engine.

If your gasoline generator includes a battery, it is recommended that you check the battery as well as clean it once a month. This is advisable even if the generator is not in operation as conditions can deteriorate the battery you should still check it.

Every 150 hours of usage, you should change the oil in the generator and also replace the air filter element to ensure the best efficiency possible. Most people are capable of doing this themselves, however if you prefer most small engine repair shops can do this as well.

Another vital aspect that is often forgotten are the engine cooling fans. It is recommended that these be cleaned every 250 hours to ensure the coolest running engine possible. Waiting longer can be done, but should be avoided for best results.

The hardest maintenance is something that is usually left to a mechanic as well at the small engine repair shop near you, and it includes changing the spark plug, cleaning and replacing if necessary the cylinder head, changing the fuel filter and also adjusting the valve lash to optimal performance.

By following a strict maintenance schedule your gasoline generator can enjoy a very long life, and save you a lot of money. Since most maintenance is easily performed in only moments, it takes little time to do and keeps your generator running at full capacity.

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