Exploring the Honda EU2000i

Most people are quite content with the idea that a generator is a huge, loud, and rather necessary piece of equipment. Every so often however, something comes along that changes these typical ideas and tends to turn people into confused consumers rather than the savvy shopper they considered themselves. One such example is the Honda EU2000i; this is a generator that has created a bit of buzz for what it brings to the world of generators.

One of the first things people notice when they see the Honda EU2000i is that it is frankly a bit small. While it is larger than the EU1000i, at only 46.3 pounds this is still a fairly small generator considering the ability to create a generous 2,000 watts of power. Users who are looking for a solution for an emergency basis around the house or even to simply pack up to take camping are bound to love this treasure.Honda-EU2000i

A small 1.1-gallon fuel tank is large enough to provide several hours worth of electricity for a single tank making it a very fuel efficient machine. Consider that running the generator at full capacity for the whole 2,000 watts you have enough fuel in the 1.1-gallon tank to run 4 hours. If you lower the usage of the generator down to only 25% of capacity or 500 watts, you are increasing your run time to as much as 15 hours on a single tank of 1.1 gallons of gasoline! Fuel consumption like this on a generator this small is phenomenal.

Other aspects of the Honda EU2000i is the fact that is it a very quiet machine. While most generators are considered quite noisy and loud, the EU2000i is rated to only 59dB at full capacity and 53dB at 25% capacity. Compare this to vacuum cleaners that tend to offer sound levels ranging from 59dB to as much as 90dB for standard home models and this is a super quiet machine.

Overall, the Honda EU2000i is a very powerful piece of equipment that is perfect for your needs whether you are looking for a back up solution in case of power loss, or even to go camping. Fuel efficient operation ensures that even with a small amount of fuel you can enjoy hours of uninterrupted power without the sounds of a loud, obnoxious generator giving you a headache. Life cannot get much better for a tiny portable option.

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