Honda EB5000 – An Affordable Industrial Solution

If you are looking for an affordable generator that is going to produce the power you need to handle a small business on an emergency basis without breaking your banking account as well there are few choices you really have. One of the best options that is available is the Honda EB5000, which is capable of producing 5,000 watts of power at maximum capacity.

Coming in with a weight of 214 pounds and designed with a wheeled frame attached this generator is large enough to handle your short term needs, while still easily portable to move around if your needs change. In addition the relatively small size for an industrial generator make the Honda EB5000 perfect to fit into almost any crevice that you may have for storage. While not large enough to operate an entire business all on its own, this is large enough to handle immediate and pressing needs for most businesses.

If quiet is something that you are determined to have, there are quieter models available, but with a rating of 72dB at full capacity, this is certainly not the loudest generator on the market. Aside from being semi quiet the Honda EB5000 offers a nice 8.3 hours of use at peak capacity out of the 6.6-gallon fuel tank and a pleasing 11.9 hours of usage from 50% capacity loads. This can ensure that you are not having to stop and refill the fuel tank continuously.

With a fuel meter and an oil alert meter included, you can be assured that you always have the oil and fuel that you need without running out. Additionally with an electric recoil starting feature you can be up and running in no time. This generator is constructed with heavy-duty usage in mind and performs beautifully.Honda-EB5000

For those businesses that are looking for a small and affordable industrial generator the Honda EB5000 is the perfect choice. Small enough to easily store away and yet powerful enough to handle your emergency needs you can easily use this generator to quickly restore power to freezers, phone lines, electrical and even computer systems rather than being forced to close during brief outages.

Remember, while the costs associated with an industrial generator may seem unnecessary realize the costs that are associated with losing merchandise or even business during periods of outages. Having a portable generator on hand will help ensure your business runs smoothly no matter what your business is.

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