Honda EU1000i – Generator or Toy?

People who have recently taken a peek at the almost $800 Honda EU1000i generator all seem to be amazed and yet confused by the overall appearance. People are especially confused that are used to the traditional look and feel of generators, because honestly this thing looks much more like a toy than the serious piece of power equipment that it is. However, make no mistakes, this is truly a powerful generator wrapped up into a quiet, sleek and frankly cute little package.

While the idea of calling a generator “cute” is not something that most people thing is a good term, you have to admit when you look at it, that this certainly does not look like a powerful piece of equipment. Yet Honda has managed to pack an impressive 1000 watts of power into this tiny little piece that only weights 29 pounds! Combine the small weight with the fact that the generator is only 17.7” x 9.4” x 15.0” and you are looking at the perfect generator to store anywhere, without any problems.Honda-EU1000i

Gone are the days of having to completely rearrange the garage to find room for the monster generator, this little delight is able to provide power, boast an electric start, and has a super quiet sound to it so while you are running the generator you are not hurting your ears. This seems almost too good to be true for some, and while it is an incredible advancement in terms of generators, this is only a small boy on the market but definitely has the ability to handle the needs of a small family on an emergency basis.

If you are looking for merely a small generator to go camping with, this is again a perfect solution since it is small enough to easily fit into either the car, truck or camper and provide you with power. Add the fact that it is capable of working with an inverter and you have the perfect solution for all of your electrical needs while you are camping. No longer is there any reason to carry around the huge generators that weight well over 100 pounds when this sleek, cute, and quiet little 29 pound Honda EU1000i can handle all of your needs. Convincing your family that it really is equipment and not a toy might just be your bigger problem after you bring this home.

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