Honda Generators Explained

Honda has long been a leader in power equipment as well as cars. From this learning experience, they have been able to develop four different lines of generators that are designed to handle almost anything you can possibly imagine and so much more. Whether you are looking for a small generator for camping, something to backup your businesses freezer system or a generator to provide a construction site with power there is a Honda generator to fit your needs.

The EU Series – These are honestly toyHonda-Generators-Explained like models that are super compact and ultra quiet. Designed to work great for operating only limited amounts of appliances these are perfect for camping and limited usage. Models range in size from a measly 1,000 watts up to an impressive 6,500 watts of power. With a fuel efficient and quiet operation, this is designed to easily power your needs without annoying you with loud noises.

The EN and EG Series – Created to be functional yet void of the costly upgraded features these models are designed strictly with business in mind. There is nothing cute or compact about these models. With a louder operation, larger fuel tank and sizes ranging from 2,500 watts to 5,000 watts this is designed to provide an affordable solution to your backup power needs.

The EM Series – Designed as Honda’s deluxe line these generators bring you the features you know you want and love. With fuel meters, simultaneous AC/DC usage and fuel efficient and quiet operation this is the perfect solution for those looking for plenty of power in a manageable size. With sizes ranging from 3,800 watts to as much as 6,500 watts, these are perfect for backing up your home’s power supply when you do not want to use a complete standby generator system.

The EB Series – Designed with the harshest conditions in mind the Honda generator line includes these rough and ready industrial powered models. With sizes ranging the gamut from 3,000 watts to an impressive 10,500 watts this is the perfect solution for businesses or even those with large homes that need large amounts of power. The bad news is packing that kind of power into a generator is not a small task and they are a bit large as well as noisier than many of the other Honda generator models offered, but for business and industrial needs, they are some of the best around.

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