Powerful Operation in a Tiny Package – Honda EU3000is

If you are looking for a remarkably powerful generator in a small and compact size that will not blow your budget or eardrums then you have found the perfect machine. In a sleek and small size that is capable of being stored anywhere, with a convenient carrying handle that allows you to move it around as often or as little as necessary this is the perfect solution for most small households that need some serious emergency power.

If you are sitting around without electricity for hours, you know how terrifying the idea of a refrigerator and freezer full of food going bad can be. Using a portable generator can help save you potentially thousands of dollars worth of food and provide a source of light as well. For this reason alone many people have invested in small generators for their homes but insist upon having something large enough to actually handle more than just running the refrigerator.Honda-EU3000is

Honda EU300is is the perfect solution. Delivering an impressive 3,000 watts of power with only a 58dB rating at full capacity this small and energy efficient unit is quiet enough that you can enjoy your day even while it is running. In addition the small size of only 134 pounds for the impressive power output is sure to make this a true favorite amongst emergency equipment you keep on hand in your home.

With rising fuel prices all across the world, the Honda EU3000is comes equipped with a large 3.4-gallon fuel tank. Fully filled this single tank of fuel will provide as much as 7.2 hours of power at full 3,000-watt capacity and an incredible 20 hours of power at 25% capacity. In the world of energy efficient solutions, this is by far one of the best around on the market.

Combining together a powerful motor, large amount of energy generated, quiet operation and fuel efficient properties ensure that this is going to long be a favorite of almost everyone. Designed to provide a small household with plenty of power for medium to long term power outages the Honda EU3000is generator provides an affordable alternative to being left without power. Large enough to also power a small camper or RV this is the perfect solution for your camping needs as well. From camping to emergency the Honda EU3000is has you completely covered.

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