Arch window treatments guide

The treatment of arch windows depends upon its size,your privacy,amount of light that you want in home,You room colors as well as your other personal likings.Arch window treatments add style and elegance to your house.It adds nice finishing touch to your house.
Learn Arch window treatments


Arch window leaves a lot of open area above it.You need to insulate it properly in order to make your house safe your your kids.You must buy a foam gun from nearby harware store.After that fill the whole cavity above arch window.Make sure that you have stopped any kind of air movement.

arch window treatments : shades

They provide perfect insulation and allow only opaque light to pass.It will prevent your room from excessive heating in summers.It blocks UV rays to protect your furnitures.Always use a shade that matches with your decor.Some high end product comes with remote control.They come in fixed as well as movable options.You can not open fixed shades.

Shades must be easy to operate and let you decide on the right amount of light.
It must be adjustable as per need.
You Must be able to adjust shade at any position.

Paper shades

It is the cheapest option to control amount of light entering from arch windows but It allows only basic filtering of light.They are easy to attach and remove.

arch window treatments : Curtains

Use a rod that is bendable in semi circle.Fix the rod along the boundry of window.Now hang a curtain to cover the window.You can use rings to lock curtains securely.Simply Wrap the bottom of curtain around a ring to give it finished touch.You can also use floor to ceiling curtain.This will cover the arch window when you want privacy and You can move it to reveal the beauty of your arch window.

Blindsarch window treatments guide

These are generally made from wood or bamboos.They give you best control over incoming light without compromising on privacy.Generally it is good idea to cover arch part seperately.

arch window treatments : Draperies

It provides the Best look.You can hang it from ceiling or cover the panels below the arch part only.You need Drapery clips to tie it in place.

Pin strips

Make sure that pin strips have deep holes.It must be bendable as arch windows are semi circular not rectangles.The size of pin strip depends on the size of window.It is genrally available in 4 feet and 8 feet.Make sure that curtain attaches or fixes properly in your pin strip.

Other points to consider for arch window treatments

Try both half round and quarter round before fixing on one
Always remenber that the treatment depends upon your window size
It is better if shades are operated from remote control
Moulds must match
You must join arch window with door sections carefully.Any gap will not look good.
Try drapes of different shades until you find the right one
Measure your window carefully and make sure that you use virtualisation software to see end results before installation

Always hire professional help while installing arch windows if in doubt.I will post other articles also.So keep coming to this website.

Below i have uploaded some handpicked videos on arch window treatments.Please watch them carefully.

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