how to cover an arch window

Arched windows add an air of elegance and old-world splendor to a home, although they can be difficult to cover up with conventional window treatments. The most successful arched window treatments highlight the window’s curves and draws attention to its overall design.

Whether due to privacy concerns or because you want to add some color and pizzazz to your home, the following arched window treatments can work wonders:
How to cover arch window
Using decorative drapery rods are a great way to focus attention to the arched window’s distinctive lines. Drapery rods come in several sections, and usually feature a fancy decorative crest in the middle. Adding an ornate crest to the center of the drapery rod will attract the viewer’s eye towards the window’s curve. For such a setup it is recommended to use thick, luxurious drapes that can be drawn shut to provide enough privacy when needed and also can be easily tied to the sides when you wish the window exposed.
When dealing with arched windows, it is sometimes better to simply leave the arched part of the window uncovered. This treatment option involves placing a curtain rod directly beneath the arch forming a straight line across the length of the window. Curtains can be hung off this rod, leaving the top part bare. This provides you with the best of both worlds, with most of the window covered up for the sake of privacy and the top arch left open to allow natural light into your home.
For arched windows facing the east or west, the preference should be for a window treatment that can be adjusted to block out the sun’s penetrating rays during sunrise and sunset. In such cases soft fabric shades are the best option. Soft fabric window treatments come in a range of colors and designs, and can be professionally installed. These shades can easily be drawn shut for privacy, or left open to highlight the arched window architecture. This sort of window treatment is great for bedroom with arched windows, since the early morning light can interrupt sleep.

Drapes that highlight triangular patterns are an excellent match for arched windows, complementing the window’s curves and straight lines. This look can be achieved by installing a medallion above the center of the arch and installing two additional medallions on either side of the window. With such an installation, the drapery will be pulled up on the arch of the window and create a flowing pattern that will contrast with the straight lines of the arch window. Custom made drapes are the way to go for this sort of window treatment.

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