How to Select the Best Arch Window Curtains

Finding the right type of arched window treatment can be a challenge. However, with a little research you will discover a range of excellent arch window treatment solutions, all of which add a touch of class and old fashioned charm to your home.

There is no final say in the choice of drapery for your room; it all depends on your individual sense of style and taste.

One possible solution to covering an arched window is to install a straight rod across the top of the window, making sure it aligns with the bottom line of the arch. Curtain panels can be hung from this arch window rod in a variety of ways, enhancing the overall beauty of the room. This style of arch window rod covers the entire window with curtains, ensuring the maximum amount of privacy in a stylish and tasteful manner.

Those for whom privacy is not the ultimate concern will find several arch window curtain styles to choose from. One popular such style is to suspend the arch window rod immediately below the arch, leaving the top part of the window uncovered. Doing so will let the curtains cover the lower part of the windows while leaving the top part bare, allowing natural light to engulf the room. While not the ideal solution for anyone looking to completely shield their room away from the outside world, such a setup can really highlight the curves of the arched window and give the room an open, airy feel.

If neither of the aforementioned solutions work for you, then consider installing an arched curtain rod to go with your arched windows. Rods that follow the form of the arch can be an exquisite decorating solution for your room, opening up a whole new realm of possibilities. Bits of curtain could be hung from an arched window rod for purely decorative effect, giving the room a charming fairy-tale atmosphere. If installing the arched rod yourself, make sure you have the right tools and clear instructions for an easy, hassle free installation process.

Once you have made your decision with regards to the arch window rod, the next step is to choose the style and quality of your curtains. The current trend for interior decorators is to favor simple curtains made from high quality fabrics without any added designs. Choosing such curtains adds a classic, timeless style to your room that never goes out of fashion. Alternatively, selecting curtains with a well thought out design pattern may go a long way to accentuate the existing decor of the room. Quality of the fabric should be of paramount importance – don’t go for cheap curtains that detract from the overall beauty and elegance of arched windows.

The color palette of your curtains will depend on a number of factors, chiefly the dominant colors of the room and style of furniture. Make sure that the colors of the curtain complement the room’s decor and not take away from it. While the color choices are near infinite, the ones currently in vogue are deep reds and chocolate brown for dark colors and beige and sky blue for lighter tones.

Take the color of your carpet and furniture into account when selecting the color of the curtain. Your main goal should be to maintain a sense of traditional, timeless elegance while at the same time hinting at modern influences in your choice of arch window drapery.

Install your Own Arch Window Curtains

Dealing with arch windows can pose a problem for even the best interior decorators. While the arched window is an elegant addition to any room, selecting the right kind of window treatments for them can prove to be difficult. Don’t let your arched windows get you down!

Take it as an opportunity to spruce up the decor of your room with innovative and eye-catching window treatment ideas. For arched windows that are in the shape of a single vertical column, using just a few hooks and a bit of fabric can work wonders.

Here are some easy to follow instructions on how to do this:

1. Get a tall enough ladder that gives you enough elevation to let you to work above the arch with ease. Position this ladder in front of the arched window, measure the window’s width and mark the center. Make an additional mark four inches above the window trim. This mark will be where you screw in your first swag hook or button into the wall. Swag buttons or hooks should be driven into the wall with a screw driver, and if done correctly, will protrude out from the wall about one inch. Make sure you use either studs or a wall anchor to hold the swag hook or button.

From either side of the window trim measure four inches out following the arc and screw in two more swag hooks or buttons on both sides. Following this template continue mounting hooks or buttons along the entire arch. From two thirds of the window height mount the curtain hold-back or tie back four inches out of either side of the window frame.arch_window_curtains

Starting from the top-most swag hook measure all the way down to the floor and add an additional three inches for the curtain hems. Add even more fabric to this measured amount if you want the curtains to puddle on the floor. Now that you have the desired fabric length, it is time to measure the fabric width. This is as simple as measuring the width of the window and multiplying by two. Cut your fabric to these dimensions.

Make a note of the length from the center top swag hook to the bottom of the arched window area and add one and a half inches to this.

With the two rectangular panels of fabric placed side by side on the table, measure from the top left corner down to the side of the bottom of the arch measurement. Remember that the longer side of the fabric is the length of the curtain, and the shorter side will be the bit for the arched area of the window. After making all the appropriate markings lightly sketch an outline of the arch curve and cut along it.

Around all sides of each fabric panel sew a half inch double hem. In the back side top edge of the curtain at the longer point of the fabric sew a drapery ring. For each swag-hook measure eight inches and sew additional rings. Once you’ve finished with one panel do the same on the second.

Fasten the two center rings over the swag hook in the center of the window. Now hook every ring across the edge of the curtain on its own wall mounted swag hook. If you’ve done this properly you should notice that the fabric between the hooks gap forward. To complete the effect tie a ribbon into a bow around the curtain’s tie back, making sure that you keep the ribbon knot loose enough to let the upper arch fabric to droop. If you have the extra length of fabric to do so, allow the remaining curtain to puddle on the floor.

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