shutters for arched windows

Shutters are among the most common types of window treatments in use today, and for good reason. The flexibility and ease of installation of window shutters have made them extremely popular for homemakers and interior designers alike. Functional yet stylish, the humble window shutters can be used in a number of different settings.shutters for arched windows

In their most functional form, shutters provide excellent protection against the piercing rays of the sun on hot days; can shut out the bad weather raging outside and much more. The endless flexibility of shutters means that you can buy them to fit different sizes and styles of windows, whether square, rectangular, round, and yes, arched. Arched windows are notoriously difficult to shade, but shutters make it easy to do so. A particular style of shutters called arch shutters that are used specifically to cover arched windows. Arch shutters can be bought in a range of styles like the fan arch or stationary arch, both of which can be custom fitted to any size arched window.

Popular shutter materials include wood, metal, or vinyl, and they all come in a nearly infinite array of colors. If you are artistically inclined, you can buy plain wood shutters and pain them yourself to better match your room’s decor. Shutters are also occasionally used for purely decorative purposes. Some homes use shutters to enhance the appearance of their windows – these shutters are fixed, and cannot be closed.
Some popular arch shutters are made from wood or vinyl, and feature a design where the upper and lower louvers are kept separate. These types of shutters are mainly used in the nursery room or in the kitchen or dining room areas. The division in the upper and lower louvers in this type of arch shutter means that blinds at the top of the window can be shut to keep out the hot sun and the lower louvers opened to let in the light and air. The process can be reversed if you want to block out the bottom of the window for enhanced privacy, but leave the top of the window open to allow natural light to shine through.

Arch shutters add an air of elegance and timeless beauty to a room. If not available in your arched window’s measurements, arch shutters can be custom ordered to your exact specifications. When ordering custom made arch windows you have control over the choice of material (wood, vinyl, PVC, metal, etc), design and color. Make sure you select a material for your arch shutter that will survive the outdoor weather in your area, otherwise you might see the color peel or the shutters warp because of the elements. If properly chosen and installed, an arch shutter treatment for your windows should provide you with many years of service.

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