Some Simple Arch Window Drapery Ideas

If you are fortunate to own a home with arched windows, you will know the air of elegance and luxury these windows can add to a room. Choosing the right type of arch window drapery, on the other hand, is a different matter.

Unless you’re willing to shell out hundreds of Dollars on custom made drapery, covering your arched windows can be something of a challenge. Thankfully there are a number of cheaper DIY projects and alternative window treatments that the proactive homeowner can use to cover their arched windows.
Before running out to buying arch window drapery, you must first take some time to understand it to make an informed decision. While your arched windows may have spectacular detailing, there’s no reason why your arch window drapery should be the same. Try to avoid flashy and flamboyant designs in your choice of arch window drapery. Go for simple solid colors, instead, allowing the arched windows to speak for themselves. Simple embellishments such as a silk valance or a center ruche can go a long way to beautifying your drapery, without the need of showy curtain patterns.

More and more people these days are choosing to forego the drapes altogether, opting instead for the simple curtain rod. If you want to add a touch of flair to your arch window rods, try installing one with a center carved emblem or get one with particularly baroque finials on both ends.
While arched windows are a source of pride for the majority of homeowners, not everyone has such a high opinion of them. If you don’t find arched windows to be particularly glamorous or elegant, don’t feel obliged to show them off. There are many ways of de-emphasizing arch windows, the best way being through the use of a curtain rod, some long drapes and a long valance. Mount the curtain rod above the window arch and then simply suspend the drapes and valance from the rod. Adjust this setup until you’re fully satisfied with the positioning and it becomes impossible to tell if your home has arched windows.

While arched windows in bedrooms can be a romantic touch, they can be a tad impractical for day to day use. One such consideration that needs to be given to arched windows in the bedroom is the need to completely block out sunlight early in the morning. While this can be achieved by expensive high-end solutions like custom made blinds or shades, you can get the same effect with a simple curved arched window curtain rod. Simply hang the arched curtain rod along the curvature of the window and slip the drapes over the rod. Get drapes that are fitted with rings so they can be easily fitted into the ends of the rod without any fuss.

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