If you are looking for wall plates to cover your light switches, you will find a lot of online shops that offer great deal of competitive decorative cover plates. Amongst these wall plate cover, Leviton wall plates provide unique designs that could create sophisticated and elegant touch to your wall. Leviton has been in the lighting and wiring business for a long time now, and could guarantee high quality of lighting fixtures and devices. They have manufactured millions of light switches, which can be easily distinguished due to their fat appearance and size.


If you are in the process of remodeling your room and you want to replace those old switches that you have, here are some helpful guides and tips that will allow you to turn your place into a cozy room with affordable switch wall plates. First thing that you should do is to turn the main power or the breaker box off to make sure that you will not be grounded or you may just remove the fuse out from the power box. Inspect and check your old wall plates if there are signs or marks of burn and if the cable is still intact with no exposed wires. You just need to use pocketknife or screwdriver to unscrew all screws, which holds the plate. Once you notice that there are visible live wires, you may just consider calling for electrician as it needs to be handled by professionals.leviton wall plate


After the inspection, make sure to dust off dirt by using cloth. Huge amount of dust can also be source of fire, especially when it is heated. Slightly remove 1 inch of the wire insulator and expose copper wire. Then, connect and twist the appropriate wires by using flier. It is also recommended to cover the wires with electrical tape to avoid fire risk. Once done, make sure that the wall plate will fit perfectly to the wall as you screw the wall plate back. Then, you may turn the power on again to test if the wall plate cover will work. This is just the simple steps on how replace wall plates, which can normally be done in an hour or less. With these thought, you may consider replacing your wall plate covers and start redesigning your walls. It is also good to know that there are tons of wall plate cover that will match your wall covers and papers. You may see samples of these plates by browsing on huge selection of wall plates by Leviton as it could definitely give you lots of option to choose from. The most popular of which is the Leviton Decora, which is perfect for any room.

Whatever designs you have in your mind for plate cover, Leviton wall plates could give you great ideas on how to improve your room. There are dozens of people who have tried and tested the quality of these wall plates, and yes, all of them are satisfied with how these wall plates work.


If you have plans of buying high definition TV or also known as the HDTV, you must first need to check for other details like installation and wall plates. In order for HDTV to perform at its best, you need to install HDMI wall plates just below or near the area where you plan to put your television. And for the benefit of those people who do not have ideas about HDMI, this abbreviation means High Definition Multimedia Interface, which could give you the best viewing experience. It comes with audio and video connector that will help to transmit encrypted and uncompressed digital TV and movie streams.


Aside from HDTV, all HDMI cables are also compatible with VCD and DVD players, as well as with your kids’ gaming consoles like Sony Playstation and Nintendo WII. You may also use these cables to connect to your computer and laptop. And the main purpose of the wall plate is to keep these cables intact, since cables are unpleasant to look at, especially when they are just twisted lying down on the floor. By using these wall plates, you will be assured that all cables are properly organized on your wall and could prevent minor accidents inside your house. In purchasing these cables, you need to check for the label if those are certified and original products by HDMI. Due to the growing numbers of people who use DVI and HDMI, it is important that you know how to distinguish what is original and not since fake cables and wall plates may be the source of fire.

If you have more than one HDTV and you want all of those TV to be connected to HDMI, it is a good thing to just purchase wall plates with dual ports. This will help you save money from buying two wall plates at the same time. You just need to have longer HDMI cables and just connect it to the wall plate. However, this will require you to have two HDMI cables. It is also true that you need to measure the distance between the HDTV and the wall plate as it could be more helpful when it comes to installation. This will help to give you the right and exact length of cables so you would not have to cut it, or purchase new cable due to shortage.


You can have more information on how to install HDMI cables and wall plates by just browsing the web. You may also check for HDMI wall plates available online, which may vary according to size, color, and style. Normally, these wall plates come with white color, but due to the popularity and numbers of people who want to have great time watching their favorite movies at home, you may find customized wall plates. There are also wall plates the come with power switch, which is ideal for those who frequently stay at home. You do not really have to worry about the price since it is very affordable and could guarantee satisfying and relaxing weekend movie marathon.

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