Easy Mudroom lockers plans for your Mudroom

Mudroom lockers keep the items of all your family members in an organized manner.These School style lockers provide instant organization to your mudroom.It is one of the key ingredient for successful mudroom.

Mudroom lockers can be used to store:

  • Pet supplies
  • Sports equipment
  • Gardening Tools
  • School bags
  • Clothes
  • Children toys

Tips on mudroom lockers plansmudroom locker

Hooks,adjustable shelves,bins and cabinets add storage space to your mudroom locker as per your need.You can buy these items very cheaply in second hand garage sale .
Wire shelving is must to provide ventillation to your damp clothes.
If your mudroom is small in size ,Go for high shelving option to use the vertical space.
Use top of the locker to display decorative items.
Paint your locker with attractive colors to add to your home decor.
Open lockers make it easier to spot items.
Use top shelves to store less used items.
Assign lower shelves to kids keeping their height in mind.Make sure that the shelves are adjustable,So that you can shift it as per the growing height of your family members.Add rod at lower level for kids.
Designate each shelve for storing specific item.So that the items will be easier to locate.
Never neglect the back of your locker as it can be cluttered easily.
Avoid spilling any kind of liquid inside the locker .
Provide hooks,pegs or hangers for clothes.
Calculate the storage space keeping the local climate and family size in mind.For example you need a place for snow boots in canada but not in Hawaii.
Label the shelves for each of your family member to provide him with personal storage space.Make each child responsible for his own items.
Hire an architect to design built in lockers for your house.This will be better than stand alone lockers as it is more practical and beautiful option.It will help in transforming small corner of your mudroom in useful and comfortable space.

Some effective Mudroom Bench Plans

 Mudroom bench makes a focal point for mudroom.Its the most important ingredient of your mudroom.Try the below plans for your mudroom bench.

Try eco friendly option

Use teak wood harvested from government regulated reforestation jungles to construct your bench.

Decide on location

The best location for the bench is just near the front door.Place a rug near it to wipe the shoes.

Decorate it

Choose a style that compliment the rest of your mudroom.You can go for bright colors that compliment your wall colors.Keep in mind that bench gives you an opurtunity to add colors.


Make sure that your bench is light weight.It will make your cleaning job easier as you can easily move it.Make sure that it leavesno scratch on the floor surface.

Comfortable Sitting

Provide thick cushions for nice sitting experience while changing shoes.

Decide on Height

Order a bench keeping the height of your family members in mind.It should be comfortable for both young ones and grown ups.

Decide on storage

The needed storage space depends upon the number of your family members.Order a large bench if you want more storage space.You can add storage space using cubbies or bins.You can also opt for lockers.Make sure that the each family member has enough storage space for his needs.Place a large bin nearby for items that won’t fit in the bench.

Built-in or Standalone

Built-in Mudroom bench with storage is a better option than stand alone option.It eats up less space and adds to decor efficiently.

Use bottom space

Dont waste the bottom space of your bench.Place a tray Just below the shoe rack.Place that heater at the bottom point to keep your mudroom warm.

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