Learn floor plans for your Mudroom Laundryroom

Floor Plans

Flooring for the laundry or mudroom should he especially durable. Tile is often recommended over vinyl because it is long lasting and easy to care for. Tile’s strength also helps it stand up to heavy foot traffic. Proper floor drainage should also be considered. You may want to choose a light colored floor to brighten the room if lighting options are limited.

Specify a door for laundry room

Remember to specify a door for your laundry or mudroom. You can conserve space with a pocket door, or use the back of a conventional door for storage by adding hooks for bags,leashes, rags, a broom and the dust pan.

Proper finishing and fixture is important

Although they may contain an array of items, your laundry room and mudroom can perform well and look great, too, with proper finishes, flooring and fixtures.

Choose sink carefullymudroom laundry

First, consider the type of material and size of the sink. Will it be used for bathing pets? Cleaning painting or gardening tools? Look for a sink that will meet all your functional requirements and still be affordable. It should also be deeper than your kitchen sink.

When choosing a sink material, consider stainless steel, cast iron or solid surfacing. (All are durable and rain and heat resistant.) Countertop options are much the same as that for sinks. Ceramic tile and manmade stone are other materials you may opt to use on your countertops.


When considering cabinetry,choose a reliable material. Laminates are durable and easily cleaned. Wood and wood veneer cabinets are more susceptible to damage and more expensive. Optimize all potential storage space by making cabinets tall and Installing racks, bins, dividers and hooks.Some other ideas for extra storage space are wire racks and ceiling hooks for hanging baskets. If the room is to he used as a mudroom, coot hooks and boot shelves might be included.

Some of the best ideas for your mudroom furniture

The right furniture is the key to great style and easy functionality in any mudroom, large or small. If you’re looking at an empty or poorly furnished mudroom, it’s time to go shopping. Allow yourself a week for this If you can — you will have time to browse and wait a few days for delivery If necessary.


Look for pieces that suit your entry in both style and scale. In a tiny, modern apartment entrance or the all purpose entry of a small house, you’ll do best to choose a slim console or a petite demllune table and little else. In a large mudroom, you can go much bigger and more luxe. Try a plush armchair in a formal, classic entry. Otherwise try a long bench, or sturdy pedestal table and side chair.
Start with basics, and check out the big home-supply stores. They contain everyday staples, like doormats,console tables, and chairs.
Cast a wide net. If you’re looking For something really distinctive, browse online retailers and auction sites (where you can find beautiful reproduction and salvage pieces, as well as antiques), and wander through local antique stores and flea markets. You might snag an unusual side table, a classic Shaker bench, a gorgeous planter …possibilities abound.
Think beyond tradition. Look for pieces that can do double duty in your mudroom, such as a tall bookcase that makes for a beautiful display while separating the mudroom from an adjacent room. A secretary style desk is a nice solution for an entry, since it offers both storage and good looks, and there are styles, from prim vintage pieces to sleek modern ones, to complement any setting.
Don’t forget to add a mirror. Hang it on the wall, or place it atop a console table. It will brighten and open the space and let you do a last check (and remind yourself to smile!) before you head out the door. The style can be simple or ornate, modern or vintage; choose what you love.

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