Mudroom Benches keep the clutter out

mudroom benches
Mudroom Bench offers a place to sit down and remove muddy boots or shoes comfortably.It adds to the comfort and functionality of the mudroom.

Add storage to your mudroom bench

Bins and cubbies are great ways to add storage to your mudroom bench.Divide the area below sitting space in two halves.Use the top half as open drawer and bottom half as closed drawer.Use top half to store your daily used items like bags,books,sweaters,etc.Place the muddy shoes in bottom half.Add a plastic tray just below the closed drawer to collect any droplets dripping from wet shoes.

Tips to try on your mudroom bench

Choose a color that matches with the overall decor of your house.
Add cubbies and baskets to increase storage space.
Always place it near the entrance.
It must be of the comfortable height for your family members to easily sit and change their shoes.
Add a cushion at the top.Make sure that it provides pleasant sitting experience and its color matches with the color of the bench.
Add hooks on the wall above the mudroom bench to keep jackets,coats,etc.
Add storage to bench with either locker style cabinets or baskets.
Make sure that you assign a seperate bin or locker to each of your family member.Tell each member to take responsibility for his cubby or bin.
You can fit a baseboard heater at the bottom of the bench to warm both the shoes and the mudroom.
You can add wall cabinets above it to store daily mails,papers,sunglasses and keys.
Try two tier shoe racks to double the storage space for your footwear.
Add a general large size cubby to hold large items that wont fit in smaller bins.
Cover the top with attractive fabric and make sure that its legs should not scratch the floor area.
Choose a material that can counter both the moisture and weight of items easily.

Mudroom benches are the most efficient means of combating clutter in the house.They come in wide variety of sizes and styles to choose from.Always choose a bench that fulfills the storage needs of your family and matches with the decor of your mudroom.

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