Soap Making Recipes and Precautions

While gathering ingredients for your soap making recipes, you not only need to pay particular attention to the lye that is required, but you also need to take precautions when handling certain essential oils. Just because it is pure, natural, and provides a great smell doesn’t mean that it cannot be hazardous.
These oils are very powerful compounds and should be well researched before you decide to place it in soap making recipes as an ingredient. After doing some research, I discovered that the castor oil that is derived from the castor plant can create ricin, which is a very toxic poison—this is just one example.
Here are some examples of what certain essential oils can do in general.

Sensitizing Elements

Depending on the oil, it can cause skin irritation especially for those who have known allergies or just sensitive skin. The side effects may not come on suddenly.

Irritation Elements

Some oils, even though they are good oils, may not be wise to place on the skin in high concentrations.

Hazardous Elements

There are certain oils that shouldn’t be used at all unless you have a certain level of experience with them.
Elements to be Avoided During Pregnancy

Some oils are toxic, others stimulate the uterus, and some have hormone effects. If you are pregnant and are dealing with essential oils—your research needs to be extensive or else you can be harming your unborn child as well as yourself.

Toxic Elements

These oils should be avoided and sometimes do not become toxic unless the right environment is present; such as those that are toxic with sunlight. Others are just toxic (even though its natural) and should be left alone.
I’ve done some research and found a list of essential oils that should not be used in soap making recipes, candle making, or any bath and body products:

Bitter Almond
Cinnamon bark

Until now, you may have not been aware of the risks associated with certain essential oils. Just because I provided a list of ingredients that should be avoided when making soap, doesn’t mean that there aren’t anymore. I can’t stress enough to do extensive research when handling and using essential oils as your ingredient.

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