Cardinal Gates Stairway Special Gate & KidShield Indoor Banister Review

The Cardinal Gates Stairway Special Gate is their maximum safety baby gate that is specifically designed for the top of any stairway. But don’t let that fool you; it still works great for all other rooms in your home.

This Cardinal baby gate will mount straight across or at angles up to 30 degrees, making it easy to use on odd shaped walls and openings.

The gate is made of high strength metal and measures 27 ¾ inches tall. It will fit openings from 27-42 ½ inches wide. Extensions are available for larger openings.

The gate swings in either direction and features a quick gate release to easily remove it when needed.

One-handed latch system is perfect for adults, yet will not allow toddlers to open up over the stairs.

Available in white or black, the Cardinal Gates Stairway Special Gate is quality constructed and meets or exceeds all U.S. Safety Standards.

Cardinal Gates Stairway Special Gate Features

Hardware mounted baby safety gate

Can mount at angles up to 30 degrees

All aluminum construction

Tamper proof latch system

Gate is 27 ¾ inches tall

Width is 27-42.5 inches

Maximum safety for the top of stairs

Meets or exceeds all U.S. Safety Standards

1 year warranty

Available in white or black

Optional extensions available (sold separately)

Summary of Reviews

As a hardware mounted gate, the Cardinal Gates Stairway Special Gate is very sturdy and well built. Expert reviewers and customers have liked this aspect and also how it can also be adjusted to fit all types of angles.

The latch system is strong and can’t be opened by toddlers, yet easy enough for adults to use.

Based on general online consensus, the Cardinal Gates baby gate is an excellent choice for a top of stairs baby gate.

Cardinal Gates KidShield Indoor Banister

One area that many parents overlook has nothing to do with baby gates for stairs, but banisters and balconies. The Cardinal Gates KidShield Indoor Banister Guard is a quick and easy solution to the problem, but how well does it work? Here’s a closer look.

It is only natural for toddlers and babies to want to poke their heads through the posts on a banister, but more often than not this can quickly lead to getting stuck or even worse, falling through.

Thousands of accidents occur every year from strangling and falling in between a banister. Cardinal Gates has designed a 5 ft x 33 inch high clear indoor banister guard to put an end to any potential problems.

It’s important to note that the company also produces a 15 ft x 33 and a 50 ft x 33 in clear guard as well.

The clear guard is quite durable. It is also washable, shatterproof and completely non-toxic. Made of PET medical grade plastic, you can easily cut to fit with a pair of scissors.

The guard attaches securely with strong cable ties to the end posts and spindles every 9 inches.

Cardinal Gates also includes a hole punch for more customized placements, along with anchor screws to permanently attach it to a wall for even more strength.


Clear indoor banister guard

5 ft x 33 inched tall

Available in 15 ft and 50 ft lengths

Easy Installation: Easy to cut to fit with scissors

Non-toxic, shatterproof, PET medical grade plastic

Meets or exceeds all U.S. Safety Standards

Summary of Reviews

We’ve found the KidShield Indoor Banister Guard by Cardinal Gates to be an ideal solution to protecting any baby or toddler from falls or getting stuck between posts on any banister, railings or balconies.Banister guard

Based on expert reviews and general customer consensus the Banister Guard from Cardinal Gates is a very good option for protecting any type of banister or balcony.

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