EZ Fit II Safety Gate Adapter Review

The EZ Fit II Safety Gate Adapter is ideal to use for installing baby safety gates without drilling holes in expensive banisters and stairway posts. You get the solid safety for any baby gates for stairs, without the damage.

The EZ Fit Safety Gate Adapter works with both hardware mounted gates or pressure mounted gates. It’s portable and can be used anywhere in your home where you need it.

The adapter attaches to any post up to 7″ square. Designed for baby gates that are tall or small, it fits those unique odd-sized posts that many homes have as well.

EZ Fit II Safety Gate Adapter Features

Simple and quick installation and assembly requires only a few minutes and no holes to drill

48 inches tall – 2 inches wide – 1 inch thick

Non-slotted design allows you to place Velcro straps where you need them

Utilizes industrial grade 30″ long Velcro with locking clips

No holes, marks or blemishes

Summary of Reviews

The thought of drilling holes into expensive woodwork is one reason why many people avoid installing baby gates. The EZ Fit II Safety Gate Adapter prevents that from happening…and it does its job very well.

With its ability to fit up to 7″ square posts, there is virtually no home where this couldn’t be used.

Reviews from other customers, along with our own testing, allow us to highly recommend this adapter without hesitation. It does what it says it will do.EZ Fit Safety Gate Adapter

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