A Baby Poncho Knitting Pattern Can Be Such Fun

If you are knitting enthusiasts, you can’t help but recognize the fact that the current craze in knitting is the poncho. This once forgotten garment has made an impressive comeback. So much so, in fact, that there is a baby poncho knitting pattern that can be found in almost any medium.

You can hardly walk into a craft or yarn shop without some freebie poncho pattern mysteriously falling into your lap. With the overabundance of these patterns available, how does one go about choosing the right one?

The first thing you really need to look at when considering any kind of knitting pattern, is the skill level required in order to knit the pattern. While it is always a good idea to continuously challenge your current skills and abilities, going too far outside of your skill set can result in a negative overall experience. Remember, knitting is not just a skill it is a hobby. This means it is supposed to be fun.

If you want to see the pattern and look at the pattern side by side with the yarn as you are picking them both out, your best bet is to go to a local yarn shop. I am usually an advocate of that as so many things affect how a pattern is going to look when complete and you will have a better overall mental image of the finished product if you have all the pieces together. However, I have found the most darling and simple baby poncho knitting pattern ever. The real miracle though, is that this pattern is not only free, but offers a short little video on the assembly process, which can be confusing.

The pattern I am talking about can be found at http://radio.weblogs.com/0129449/categories/Knitting/2004/09/16.html along with the video instructions and several examples of ponchos that have been knitted by others. I really like the fact that you can actually see the works of those who have tried this particular baby poncho knitting pattern, the different yarns that have been used in this patter, and this provides a great example of how yarn selection impacts the finished product. If you have the time try out this fun and simple poncho, I think you will have a great time!