A Baby Vest Knitting Pattern Is A Great Way To Build New Skills

Finding a great baby vest knitting pattern can be a challenge. It seems that vests today are not as popular as they have been historically. In fact, vests today are more a matter of taste than a matter of style. That’s perfectly acceptable however, as they are by no means socially unacceptable.

If you would like to have a baby vest take prominences on your future project wish list there are still a few places where you can find a good baby vest knitting pattern or two. In fact, you can download a free pattern for a cabled baby vest at www.classiceliteyarns.com. Making cables is not a beginner’s skill so keep that in mind if you are just beginning to learn how to knit and were hoping for a small and simple knitting project, this one probably won’t be for you if that is the case. For more experienced knitters this might be a rather simple project. Just remember to be aware of the skills you will need in order to complete any knitting project before you begin.

If you are fairly new to knitting but ready to tackle the idea of cable knitting, I found a great ‘how to’ at www.chicknits.com/howtocable.shtml this should help get you off to a good start. I personally feel that cable knitting is a good skill to have, as I like the look of it. I do recommend following the tutorial with spare yarn and practicing a few times before trying to incorporate your new skill into a sweater. However, we all learn differently and some learn best by diving in.

Here is another baby vest knitting pattern that is reversible and fairly easy to knit. This is a great pattern for beginners to use as it offers a little bit of a challenge other than knitting and purling. It should also be a fairly quick knit for more experienced knitters, this means you can snap off quite a few of these in a relatively short amount of time. This is really great if anyone you know is anticipating the birth of twins or triplets.