Find The Premature Baby Knitting Pattern That Is Right For You

I know very few people who don’t enjoy knitting for tiny brand new babies. There are occasions when even the tiny baby patterns won’t cut it for your current project needs. Because of the growing number of preemies being born these days there has been a correlation of growth in the number of premature baby knitting patterns.

You can easily find pattern books at as well as These books will offer patterns that you can easily adjust to larger sizes as your baby grows. I tend to like these books in general because there are many selections in general and I like getting more for my money whenever possible.

In addition to pattern books which have a premature baby knitting pattern or two, there are many patterns that can be found at your local craft shop, yarn shop, and big chain stores such as Michael’s which can also be found at and Joann Fabrics

If you can find anything that suits your specific needs at one of these stores, you might want to take a look at your local library. I love to look for knitting patterns at the library. In addition to magazine sources the library will have many books filled with knitting patterns. Best of all, the library pattern books are free.

Beyond that there are many sources online where you can find patterns and guides for a price and for free. While I prefer free, there are some times when you find a pattern that you absolutely have to have and one particular premature baby knitting pattern has a price. If you really like the pattern, most of them are really affordable and if you use it more than once, they are well worth the investment.

One of my favorite places to look for patterns online is You will find plenty of patterns and links to other websites that have a premature baby knitting pattern or two. Find a pattern that you really love and make a preemie outfit and one for your baby to wear when he or she is older as well. Most importantly, find a pattern that you will enjoy knitting.