Finding A Baby Sweater Knitting Pattern Is Like Going On A Treasure Hunt

Babies look so cute in sweaters. In fact, a sweater is one of the greatest gifts you can give a baby or toddler. Sweaters come in many weights and types and can be great fun to knit for the special baby in your life. Finding a baby sweater knitting pattern is half the fun of knitting the sweater.

The question then becomes: Where do you find these great patterns? First you need to decide what kind of sweater you want to knit for the lucky baby that will be receiving this particular gift. There are many types of sweaters that you can knit for babies. There are cardigans, sweater vests, jacket sweaters, hooded sweaters, and crewneck sweater. I prefer hooded sweaters and cardigans or jacket sweaters myself. These can be made in varying weights in order to be layered during cooler weather or made really thin in order to provide light coverage for spring and summer nights.

Once you’ve decided what type of sweater you want to knit, then the fun begins. You can look through books, magazines, and pattern sites online in order to find the patterns that catch your eye. There are many sites online that offer baby sweater knitting patterns. Some of these sites charge a fee, some offer patterns for free, and some have a nice mix of free and paid knitting patterns. You can find some free patterns at and some darling patterns for a price at One thing that is important to keep in mind is that baby sweaters are not just miniature versions of adult sweaters. Baby skin is much more sensitive and you need to pay careful attention to the yarn you are using in your pattern. If you want to be really creative, use remnants in like colors of your softest yarns in order to create your own ‘patchwork’ baby sweater.

If these patterns don’t appeal to you, you can search for more online, you can purchase pattern books at or at These pattern books will generally offer several patterns to choose from and are an excellent choice if you are having difficulty in narrowing down your decision. Your local yarn and crafts shops are also an excellent choice in locating interesting patterns. You can find all kinds of patterns from the functional to the whimsical. If you are looking for baby sweater knitting patterns these patterns are only limited by the imaginations of those creating them. Most importantly, have fun knitting; this is a hobby after all!