Finding The Perfect Baby Hat Knitting Pattern

If you or someone you know and love is preparing for a new addition to the family, you are probably pouring through your pattern box in search of the perfect baby hat knitting pattern. Babies need hats, lots of hats in order to keep their tiny heads warm.

Finding a baby hat knitting pattern that is within your skill level is important. Hats aren’t the simples knitting projects around and as such, you should work within your current skill set or work on slightly expanding your current skill level rather than tackling a pattern that is leaps and bounds above your abilities. If you go too far outside of your knitting comfort zone you may find that you are frustrated and tempted to give up.

There are many places both online and off that you can find some great patterns for knitting baby hats. I always start with local shops when looking for good patterns, particularly the free patterns. I cannot only see the pattern in most cases, bet I can also feel the yarns that the patterns suggest. No matter how lovely a baby hat is, if the yarn isn’t soft and comfortable, chances are the baby won’t be happy wearing it. Since not all yarns and brands of yarn aren’t created equal I tend to be really choosey when selecting yarns for babies.

Once I’ve tried all the local yarn and craft shops, if I haven’t found what I’m looking for, I’ll try my local library. I have found a great many knitting patterns and pattern book at the library. I like the price-a little time and no money-and I’ve found some really neat projects by searching through the library knitting pattern books.

Following is a great site for finding baby hat knitting patterns online: Baby hats are a great way to use remnant yarns since they do not require as much material as a sweater or blanket. There is a great debate about this, but I personally avoid tying things to babies’ heads whenever possible and will eliminate any ties that may be on hats. This site has some free and some patterns that you must buy but they have some really cute patterns for babies. I recommend that you look through the patterns that are available here and get some ideas of what you like and don’t like, then look for other patterns online. Remember that knitting is a hobby not a chore, so enjoy!