How To Find A Great Free Baby Booties Knitting Pattern

We’ve all had those moments when we needed to find a particular knitting pattern quickly but had no idea where to begin looking. If you have suddenly found out that you are expecting your bundle of joy, or that a close friend or relative is, relax! It typically takes a few months for the baby to make his or her grand entrance (assuming you are finding out early in the process), which leaves you a little time to find the perfect baby booties knitting pattern.

The perfect pattern is going to be different for every knitter. The perfect pattern is a combination of the correct level of challenge (without being too terribly difficult), a fun material, and an overall look that speaks to you. We knitters take pride in our work and we want our work to be a reflection of our efforts. Find a pattern that you like and are confident that you can actually knit. This is more important than you would think as going too far above your current skills can result in frustration and hair pulling rather than a relaxing way to pass the time and prepare for a precious new arrival.

Even if the baby you are knitting for isn’t your own, you are providing something special, hand made, and made with love for this child. The receiver as well as you, the giver, will cherish this gift.

You can find some excellent sources for baby booties knitting patterns online. One such source is This is by far one of my favorite places to go for patterns, hints, tips, and advice about knitting. Best of all, the patterns on this particular website are available to you at no cost. This added benefit means you can save the money you would have spent on the pattern for an extra skein of yarn. Here’s a good tip if you are finding that you have an ever growing supply of yarn skein remnants: keep a list of each yarn you have and how much you have of it, this way when you have small baby projects to do you may find that you have a suitable yarn to use for the project without buying a new skein. This saves money and frees up valuable space in your knitting supply box (err…room).

Finding a great baby booties knitting pattern can be quite easy if you know where to look. Remember to choose a pattern that will not only be fun to knit, but will also be fun for baby to wear.