Best Man Wedding Toast Speech

Being asked to give the best man wedding toast is definitely an honor. Surprisingly, many people are not too keen about giving this toast because of the pressures it entails.

However, giving a wedding toast that everyone will remember is indeed very possible. And all it needs is a little preparation on your part, as best man to the groom. One thing you can do is to write whatever you know about the newlyweds and how you are related to them. Your relationship to them is an easy topic to include in your toast.

You can also include the reasons why you were chosen as best man. It is perfectly fine to assume positive reasons now. Being chosen as best man implies a strong relationship with the groom himself. Because of this, it would not be hard for you to describe the groom at all! You should also include this, as well as a description of the bride. This may be a bit hard, especially if you do not know the bride that well. Thus, you would have to do research for this part. You would also have to incorporate everything that the groom has shared to you about the bride.

You can also share what the groom was like before he came to know his bride. Now, this is pretty charming, especially when you include how the groom has changed for the better since he met his bride. This scores important points as the speaker.

In addition, if you are married yourself, then you are in the position to offer marriage advice as well. This can also be done, if you do not tackle any sensitive issues. The newlyweds would appreciate this, too.

A wedding toast does not have to be serious from start to finish. Humor is also important in a toast. Be sure to include funny stories about the newlyweds. But you have to be careful not to include stories that might be embarrassing to the couple. Moreover, your jokes have to be rated PG, with all the kids and oldies around. You should also avoid funny stories involving ex-girlfriends. This may be good talk for you and your friends, but bringing that part of the past back is a definite no-no for wedding toasts.Best-Man-Wedding-Toast-Speech

When delivering a best man wedding toast, you should speak as loudly and as clearly as possible. This way, everyone will be able to hear your every word. Lastly, do not forget to drink the very toast you are making! You would be surprised how there are many people who forget to drink their own toasts!

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