Bridesmaids Gifts That Won’t Kill Your Budget

The tough thing about planning for a wedding, in terms of money, is that there are many costs associated with weddings that people often forget about. The bridesmaids’ gifts, for example, are a staple of wedding tradition and it’s something you are expected to do. Wedding tradition calls on the bride to give her ladies something in order to show her appreciation for them. That doesn’t mean you have to go out and break the bank with these gifts, though. In fact, they can even be something that you create instead of purchase. Here are some great, inexpensive (or free) ideas for how to save money on the bridesmaids’ gifts.


There’s nothing wrong with being indebted to your bridesmaids for a short period of time following your wedding. Some brides have taken to making favor coupons and then packaging them up nicely in box and giving that as a gift. Maybe you will offer your hand when they are moving, or you can offer to cook for them. Perhaps you offer to dogsit for them or even perform their errands for them on a busy weekend. It doesn’t really matter what you choose to give them. The thought, as the old saying goes, is really all that counts.


Get Creative

Are you an accomplished writer? Can you even put a few words down on a page to show your appreciation? If you are creative and you think it would fly with your bridesmaids, you could try writing them a song. This song would be sung at the wedding festivities in order to show how much you appreciate your bridesmaids and all they have done.

Something Homemade

There is no shame in making your own bridesmaids’ gifts. If your budget is unlimited then, sure, you can go out and spend a lot of money buying the fanciest things for each of your girls. Unfortunately, that’s probably not the case for most brides. There are a couple of advantages to making your own bridesmaids’ gifts. On one hand, you will be giving them something cool that they can’t buy in stores. You will also be showing them that you put in the time and effort to give them something from the heart. This can be anything, from baked goods, to frames, to some sort of jewelry you made. It’s just important that you do it.

Use Your Talent

You’re good at something, right? If you are a great graphic designer, then you can make some homemade business cards for your girls. Perhaps you’re a dentist – you can give away some free visits or something. Whatever your talent is, you can give your bridesmaids a freebie that they otherwise wouldn’t have gotten their hands on. This is an awesome way to make sure they have a cool gift, but also save money for you. They will appreciate it and, it will be something of significant value in most cases.

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