Honeymoon Ideas


Oftentimes, a honeymoon is not more than an afterthought to the planning of your wedding. This should definitely not be the case since your honeymoon is the start of your life together. It is something that you will hopefully cherish for the rest of your life. This is reason enough to carefully consider many different honeymoon locations and honeymoon ideas.

The first of many honeymoon ideas that should be followed is to determine what type of honeymoon is right for you and your new spouse. Are you looking to be active, or would you rather simply relax? Would you like to be sipping cocktails on a beach or flying down a ski slope? What is the most important thing to you both? How much are you wanting to spend? It is imperative to talk to your loved one, do some online research and maybe ask friends and family for their honeymoon ideas.

Be sure to really listen to the honeymoon ideas of your partner and be willing to compromise. You may both have different ideas of how you want the honeymoon to be. Remember that it is more important that you are spending quality time together rather than where you are spending the time. The most important thing is that you are both happy.

Of course many newlyweds choose a luxurious beach or island resort. If your honeymoon ideas include this, you can spend special time in gorgeous surrounding recovering from the stress of the wedding. Such trips allow you both to lay in the sun, participate in water activities and really get to know each other.

Another honeymoon idea is to go on a cruise. You can enjoy the same peaceful experience, yet everything is taken care of for you. You do not need to think about which restaurant you are going to each night. Most cruise ships have spa facilities, classes, crafts, entertainment and a pool and jacuzzi. Cruises also allow you to see more places in the same amount of time. They usually have many different excursions that you can do in each port.

No matter which honeymoon destination you choose, make your reservations well in advance. This way you can make sure that you get the room and amenities you want. Always ask the hotel if they have any honeymoon packages. You may be able to receive some special extras without an additional cost. Some honeymoon extras may include champagne, flowers and even the honeymoon suite. As soon as you have chosen your hotel, start to check out excursions, airline tickets, restaurants and other activities that you may be interested in. Remember that there are different peak times for different honeymoon destinations. Make sure that you do not plan too much. This trip is for the two of you to have some time alone and enjoy each others company.

These honeymoon ideas should help you to distinguish your honeymoon from a normal vacation. Don’t forget to pack some special honeymoon items, such as bubble bath, lingerie, romantic music and candles. These items are sure to create the romantic mood that you are wanting. A camera is also a must. Be sure to capture the memories so you can remember the most amazing trip of your life.

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