Luxury Honeymoon – Top 10 Honeymoon Destinations

honeymoon5If the word budget isn’t in your vocabulary, then a luxury honeymoon is perfect for you. What a way to start your life together! On a luxury honeymoon you can expect to be pampered, eat the finest foods and take in amazing sites that others may have to miss. How about an in-room massage to take away the stress of the wedding? A luxury honeymoon will most likely be the vacation of a lifetime.

There are endless posibilities when planning a luxury honeymoon. It is important for the couple to sitdown and decide together the experience each would like to have. Would you like to have your toes in the sand on a sandy white beach or would you rather be flying down a mountain on skis? It is also important to plan for the weather in the destination you are considering. Do not plan a trip to the Caribbean during hurricane season.

How about a package deal for your luxury honeymoon? Packages allow you to pay all at once for things such as airline tickets, private transportation, hotel rooms, meals and excursions. This type of luxury honeymoon is one of the easiest to plan. Why not take the hassle out of it and have someone else plan everything?

Maybe you like the idea of a package deal for your luxury honeymoon, but have always wanted to take a cruise. Cruises allow you to see more than one destination and still be pampered and spoiled. There are luxury cruises in many parts of the world where you can have an amazing adventure. Newlyweds can cruise the Greek Isles, the Caribbean, Alaska or French Polynesia to name a few. If you need a little advice, be sure to contact a travel agent or honeymoon expert to get the ins and outs of a luxury cruise.

Many cities in Europe offer romantic luxury honeymoons. How would you like to stay in a villa in Paris and walk hand in hand along the Champ De Elysee. You could have a wonderful French dinner and end the day watching the sunset from the Eiffel Tower. Italy also has some amazing cities where you could have a luxury honeymoon, such as Rome, Venice or Florence. You could take a ride in a gondola through the canals of Venice. Talk about romance!

For newlyweds who would love to take a luxury honeymoon, yet do have a budget, you are not out of luck. You may want to try a location like Mexico or Central America. Mexico has luxury accommodations, yet the prices tend to be lower than Europe or a cruise. Mexico has some wonderful resorts where you can walk a few steps out of the ocean and into a sparkling pool. Sip Margaritas on your luxury hotel balcony as the sun sets. A popular place in Central America to have your luxury honeymoon is Costa Rica. Try staying in a rain forest, taking a ride on a zip line or bathing in the hot springs right beside an active volcano!

Whichever luxury honeymoon you and your partner choose, you are sure to have a wonderful time.

Top 10 Honeymoon Destinations

We all know that the honeymoon is probably the most important vacation a couple will ever take together. It needs to be planned carefully to ensure an experience that is both romantic and memorable. Many honeymoon themes are available for newlyweds such as, the romantic honeymoon, an exotic experience, an island getaway, a luxury resort, a sunny beach trip, a mountain ski trip or a safari. It is very important to determine a few factors before choosing a location. How much do you want to spend and how long would you like to stay? Would you like an active honeymoon or do you just want to relax? Would you like to stay close to home or would you like to travel internationally. It’s a good idea for both of you to sit down and write out what you each want in a honeymoon. Most couples will also do some research and look up the top 10 honeymoon destinations. We have made that list for you.

Aruba – many couples refer to Aruba as the lover’s paradise. Resorts often offer champagne when you arrive and a souvenir for your stay. With its tropical climate and beautiful beaches, you are just about guaranteed to have an amazing honeymoon. Lots of cruise ships stop in Aruba because the people are warm and genuinely welcoming. There are many activities such as swimming, fishing, snorkling and scuba diving.

Barbados – This island is located in the Caribbean. It attracts many newlyweds with its white sandy beaches, tropical weather and deep blue seas. Barbados has a lot for the honeymooners to do. Try a boat ride while watching the sunset and sipping a cocktail and you will know you are in paradise. This is one of the most romantic top 10 honeymoon destinations.

Bora Bora – This is one of the most famous islands in Polynesia and has been called the Pearl of the Pacific. Some insist that it is the most romantic and unique place on earth. Bora Bora is on the list of top 10 honeymoon destinations because you can enjoy the warm water of the beach in perfect tropical weather. Don’t miss the helecopter tour of the island or at least see it all by boat or car.

France – Don’t want a honeymoon at the beach? Try France where you can find mountains, churches and museums. Those that are looking for a little bit more culture may choose France. There are some really wonderful vacation packages for those honeymooners who want to go to France. Be sure to not miss a romantic dinner in Paris with a view of the Eiffel Tower.

Italy – Romance, romance, romance. Italy is the country of love and passion. Share pasta and vino in the quaint city of Portofino. Hold hands while walking through an amazing art museum or viewing the colluseums in Rome. You can’t do wrong in this beautiful country.

Maldives – Another gorgeous top 10 honeymoon destination. A honeymoon needs to be a celebration of love in an intimate, secluded, and beautiful setting. There are so many ways to let the magic of the islands enhance your honeymoon. Have a dinner under the stars by candle light, a fun getaway to a nearby uninhabited island, or just hanging around in your private bungalow and treating yourself to an spa treatment in the room.

Mauritius – For the couples who are looking for a very special place to spend your honeymoon, Mauritius should be considered. Every hotel on the island offers great wedding and honeymoon packages. They can also help you in organizing any excursions you would like to take. All beach activities are very popular here. Anything is possible. Mauritius is on the list of top 10 honeymoon destinations because it will transform your honeymoon into an unforgettable moment.

Seychelles – Since the Seychelles islands have a year-long warm, tropical climate, there is no bad time to visit. Seychelles has some of the best beaches in the world which are pristine and uncrowded. Many offer soft sand and turquoise waters which are perfect for swimming, snorkeling or just relaxing. You could also take in a round of golf, go horseback riding or take a nature tour. The nightlife in Seychelles is great too. You can hit a casino, sip a cocktail in a local bar and dine in fine restaurants offering amazing Creole and international cuisine.

Singapore – For a taste of the orient, honeymooners should consider Singapore. This country has it all! It boasts a tropical climate, amazing views, spotless beaches, nice restaurants, fancy hotels, luxurious spas, popular nightclubs and many other attractions! Whatever you are looking for – romance, adventure or privacy, it is available in Singapore.

Thailand – Have amazing Thai food in this top 10 honeymoon destination. Relax on white sandy beaches or enjoy exotic sightseeing tours. Thailand has breathtaking scenery, featuring beautiful green mountains and a sparking blue sea. It also has world class accommodation options, elegant dining and many activities that will enhance your honeymoon experience.

Be sure to study this list of top 10 honeymoon destinations really hard! The perfect place for you and your spouse is likely to be here.

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