Maid Of Honor Wedding Toast

The maid of honor is expected to deliver her own speech for the bride and groom and the all the guests in the wedding as well. If you are a maid of honor, you may choose to write your maid of honor wedding toast in a card or deliver it straight without a copy. Either way is fine and acceptable.

Usually, the best man is expected to give a funny wedding speech but that does not mean that a maid of honor cannot have a few funny lines of her own. You may briefly recount how you have met the bride as an opening. If you and the bride have been best friends for a long time, sharing a few funny anecdotes when you were kids is both amusing and heart-warming.

Giving a wedding toast is really about your sharing with the happiness of your best friend now that she has found her partner in life. To make it easier for you, try to reminisce the times that you and the bride have spent together. What were your most unforgettable moments with her? What do you appreciate most about her?

What other things can you include in your speech? You may share some bits of story about what happened when the bride first met the groom. What did you two talked about? What did she think of the groom or how did she feel on their first date? However, be sensitive enough not to give away very private details that only you and the bride shares.

If you are already married, you can give some advice about married life. However, keep in mind that your speech should be focused on the bride, not on you. Some maid of honor will dedicate a poem for the newly wedded couple. If you want, you can compose your own heartfelt poem but if you find a special poem that you feel is suited for the occasion, you can read it as well. For the last part of your speech, express your happiness for the newly weds and wish them the best of years to come on their new life together.

You may have to write a few drafts before finalizing your speech. Do not feel like you have to deliver a very long maid of honor wedding toast. Since others will be sharing their own speech after you, a short, sweet and heartfelt toast would be much appreciated.

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