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Funny Wedding Toasts

Weddings are a very special occasion not just for the newly wedded couple but for their friends, family and all the guests that are invited to witness their wedding as well. One of the highlights of a wedding is the giving of the wedding toasts for the couple. Usually, one of the bride and the groom’s parent are expected to give a toast. So do the best man and the maid of honor. Other close friends of the couple may be asked to give a toast as well. Usually, a speech with a sense of humor is appreciated and very much enjoyed by everyone. However, it may not be always so easy to come up with something that is funny but still in good taste. How can you share a funny wedding toast?

First, if you were not a very close friend of the bride or the groom, it would be better to stick with a simple toast of congratulations. However, if you have been a childhood friend or you have known the couple for a long time, then it would be easy for you to think of an anecdote that is both funny and memorable. Think about the old times and try to remember a funny incident that you have both laughed at once upon a time. Remember to keep it light and make sure that it is not awkwardly

You may also try to read some sample wedding toasts on the web that has a funny touch in it. This will give you some ideas that you can incorporate in your own wedding toast. Remember, do not copy a speech straight out from the net. Make it more personal and meaningful by sharing your thoughts and feelings.

Whether it is a funny wedding toast or not, make sure that, you will not make it a very long one. Wedding speeches are meant to be short but sweet. Ideally, a wedding toast should be at least three minutes to Five minutes long. Keep in mind that you will not be the only person who will be making a toast. There will be others who are waiting in line to share their wishes to the couple.

Lastly, a funny wedding toast can only be as effective as how you deliver it. Make your speech clear, spontaneous and understandable. Practice saying your speech in front of the mirror several times, days before the wedding. Although a wedding toast can be written and read, a funny toast is best delivered spontaneously.

Examples of Wedding Toast

If you have been invited to a wedding, it is surely a great privilege for you to share a newly wed couple’s joy. Are you the maid of honor or the best man? Or a parent of the bride or the groom? If so, then be prepared to deliver your wedding toast. Most people dread the thought the thought of giving a wedding speech for fear of not saying the right things. This is understandable because a wedding is a very special occasion and it is expected to be attended by many guests. However, a sample wedding toast will give you an idea of what to say.

Thankfully, with the help of the internet you can find websites that do offer sample wedding toasts that you can get inspiration from. Nevertheless, simply copying exactly a sample toast may not the best thing. Remember that a wedding toast is supposed to be your own personal message to the couple. So why not make it special and more meaningful to you by incorporating you own thoughts and feelings to the sample toast?

Now, what can you say in your toast? To help you compose your thoughts better, get a piece of paper and just write down some random ideas on what you want to say. Just think of words that come in your mind about the bride or the groom or the way you feel about the occasion. After gathering your ideas, you can start composing your speech with the help of your sample wedding toast.

Most wedding toasts begin by an introduction because obviously not everyone present in the occasion would know who you are. After a short introduction, perhaps you can relay a story that involves either one of the couple or both of them, depending on how well you know them. Some people prefer to share a funny anecdote, but do not strain yourself trying to think of one if you really cannot remember anything funny that happened.

You may notice in your sample wedding toast a quote or poem that you can share and read aloud. If you want, you can search for a special wedding quote or a wedding poem from the internet that you feel is best for the newlyweds. Just remember that it does not have to be a very long speech. Afterwards, you can close your speech by congratulating the couple and expressing your best wishes and joy for the couple. Give thanks for letting you be part of that special occasion.

Traditional Wedding Toast

There is one main reason why many people still prefer giving the traditional wedding toast to the nontraditional one. And this is because the traditional one is guaranteed to work.

In general, there are many wedding toasts given during the whole course of the wedding. And there is a traditional order that is being followed for these toasts. The first toast to be given is for the bride. This is because people have long since believed that the wedding is the bride’s special day. It would then be practical make a toast to the bride first. Generally, it is the best man who makes this first toast. However, the toast does not have to come from the best man per se. A relative or close friend can take the place of the best man as well.

The groom then follows the first toast, with a confirmatory toast of his own. His toast is given to affirm what the best man or the first speaker has shared. The groom then thanks the parents of both sides, and ends this with a toast of his own to the bridesmaids.

When the groom is done speaking, the best man stands up for yet another toast. The best man speaks for the bridesmaids, in response to the groom’s toast. Moreover, when the best man is done speaking on behalf of the bridesmaids, the guests can start making toasts of their own. The guests can be close friends of the newlyweds, and even the ushers for the wedding itself. There is no limit to the number of friends making toasts to the newlyweds here.

When the guests are done with their toasts, it is then time for the father of the bride to speak. The bride’s father is the closing speaker because his toast is the last in the traditional order. The father thanks the wedding guests for attending the occasion on his and his wife’s behalf. After which, the father then commences the festivities. Of course, there may be small variations to the order of the speakers and the speakers themselves. This is just the general order.

Yet, there are also other people who prefer the nontraditional wedding toast. This kind of toast has become more popular in the last years as well. This may be because the nontraditional toast has more versatility to it. The order is not as rigid or fixed as that of the traditional wedding toast. In addition, the participants of the wedding do not really have to have a formal outline of what they want to say to the newlyweds.

Wedding toast guidelines

Coming up with a witty and memorable wedding toast is a bit hard to do. Fortunately, many sources offer free wedding toast samples and these can be of great help to you.

The Internet itself is a great source for these samples. However, when you are browsing through the many samples, there are many things to consider. Of course, the web is laded with so many kinds of wedding toasts. Toasts from the Best Man to the newlyweds, for example, are very rampant on the web. There are also toasts that the newlyweds give to each other. No matter what kind of toast you are making, just be sure to know what you want to include in your wedding toast.

In general, there are certain dos and don’ts when making wedding toasts. There are also certain topics to avoid in your speech. Nevertheless, the first thing to remember is to thank the people who made the wedding possible. Now, this requires research on your part. You would have to fish around and know who made the cake, who prepared the flowers, who booked the hotel for the reception, and the like. But this will be very fulfilling because it’s always nice to make people feel that their efforts are appreciated.

Wedding toasts should be neither sentimental nor humorous. There has to be a blend of both. You want to make a sentimental toast because a wedding is indeed a memorable event, something most people, if not all, look forward to. Offer snippets of how the newlyweds started out, for instance. From courtship, to relationship, and finally, to marriage. But be careful not to be too sentimental because it does not help to make the guests too teary-eyed. You should also add a little humorous touch to the toast. Talk about funny events that the couple has experienced. Nonetheless, be careful with your jokes, for you would not want to tread on any sensitive paths as well. Just make sure your jokes are safe to share with the wedding guests.

Make sure to watch the clock as well. Do not give a wedding toast that is too long because the guests might find it too boring in the end. Keep your toast brief, roughly under five minutes.

If these ideas are still not enough, do not worry because there are numerous free wedding toast samples that can help you. Just take your pick from the many samples all over the web.

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