Winter, Spring, Summer And Fall Wedding Ideas

Winter, spring, summer and fall wedding ideas can start to seem a little overwhelming as you try to decide which season is best for you and your fiancé to get married. Each of the four seasons has their own unique spirit and style, and choosing the proper time of year to hold your wedding will be easier than you think once you take a few things into consideration.

Winter is a cold time of year in most locations, which means that elegant long gowns are appropriate! This easily gives you the opportunity to have a formal wedding, and the fact that most churches and wedding locations are already decorated for the winter holidays will make your work a lot easier.

Winter Wedding Ideas For An Affordable Wedding

Getting married in the winter may help save money, and these winter wedding ideas can explain why. Spring and summer are the two most popular seasons to get married, which means that churches and facilities typically charge less during their off-season. Holding your wedding during the winter means that you will most likely pay less to rent a location for your wedding ceremony and reception.

Wedding Set-up And Decorations

Unless you live in a tropical place where weather is not a factor, you will most likely decide to have an indoor winter wedding. If you are not planning a Christmas-themed winter wedding, you should choose colors such as white, silver, and pale blue for your wedding color scheme.

Bridesmaids will look wonderful in floor-length pale blue dresses, but a stunning white wedding dress with beaded accents will have all eyes on the bride. Calla lilies are an appropriate choice for winter bouquets, and tying them with silver ribbon will add some sparkle. Be sure to decorate the ends of pews or rows of chairs with decorative bows made from that same silver ribbon!

Need some winter wedding ideas for your reception? The use of white or pale blue tablecloths conveys sophistication. Include an ice sculpture somewhere in the room, perhaps on the buffet or near the bar. In fact, small ice sculptures make absolutely breathtaking table centerpieces, especially if they are able to hold flowers and act as vases. Surround them with tea light candles to add a bit of a warm, romantic glow. Twinkling Christmas lights should also be used in the room to add to the overall winter ambiance.


Winter weddings are usually more formal than summer or spring weddings, and the use of a formal invitation will help explain that to your guests. Choose thick navy blue invitations with raised white script and be sure to include all the important details!

Wedding Cake And Favors

If you’re in need of a few more winter wedding ideas you can add to your winter theme with your cake and wedding favors. Display a three-tier cake iced in white fondant on a silver cake platter, and in lieu of miniature bride and groom statues, use a large silver snowflake as a cake topper. Coffee mugs featuring the bride and groom’s names and an individual packet of gourmet hot cocoa mix make wonderful winter wedding favors!

Summer weddings can easily be held outdoors, so if you’d like a rather casual ceremony and reception, the lazy days of summer may be your perfect wedding season.

Outside Wedding Ideas for the Perfect Summertime Celebration

Planning a summer soiree in the great outdoors? There are oodles of outside wedding ideas available to help you create the wedding of your dreams, and you’ll have so much fun planning your special day that it won’t even feel like work.

Wedding Set-up And Decorations

Whether you opt to tie the knot under a peaceful gazebo in the park, on a white sandy beach or in your own backyard, an outdoor summer wedding calls for a cheerful color scheme! The eighties may be over, but bright colors like magenta, orange, and teal are perfect choices for the bridal party dresses and your ceremony and reception decorations.summer-wedding

A long white runner between two sections of wooden chairs will make an easy aisle, and white seat pads will add a bit of comfort and class to the seats. Be sure to decorate your ceremony location with plenty of bright summer flowers, such as hydrangeas, irises, and chrysanthemums. The summer sun can be extremely warm, so if you are having an early afternoon wedding some recommended outside wedding ideas are to keep the ceremony rather short, and avoid long speeches or poetry readings. You don’t want anyone passing out from heat exhaustion!

Long tables for your reception can be easily dressed up by lining inexpensive, non-matching glass vases full of various wildflowers down the center. A table full of fruit can act as decoration as well: a large watermelon carved into a basket can be filled with honeydew, pineapple chunks, and strawberries. Fruit salad is an excellent alternative for guests that are watching their waistlines.

Summer Wedding Cake

Offering colorful snow cones to the young and the young at heart is another great summer treat, and a three-tier cake iced in white fondant and covered with bright polka dots can also represent the fun atmosphere of summer.

Invitations And Favors

A few additional outside wedding ideas deal with the invitations and favors. Be sure to inform your guests that the wedding will be held outside so they can dress appropriately. Bright invitations with the bride and groom’s initials on the front and the required wedding information on the inside are a wonderful way to do so! As far as wedding favors go, pastel-colored chocolate on a stick in the shape of a Popsicle will give your guests a chuckle and a midnight snack!


Fall is a time of harvest and the beginning of the holiday season, meaning that there are plenty of wonderful fall wedding ideas to consider: pumpkins and leaves can make spectacular decorations for your wedding reception, and dark fall colors will add an overall air of sophistication to the big event.

Fall Wedding Idea

September and October are popular months to get married, and these fall wedding ideas will certainly come in handy as you plan your own special day. Fall is a wonderful time of year to get married because the heat of summer is over and the coldness of winter has not yet arrived! Selecting the colors to go along with the theme of your fall wedding shouldn’t be a problem because any of the gorgeous shades seen in nature during this time of year would work perfectly.

Wedding Set-up And Decorations

Dark brown is a popular choice for bridesmaids during fall weddings, and sleeveless dresses and shoulder shawls are a good way to deal with the temperature shift from late afternoon into early evening. Bouquets of orange and red flowers would be a wonderful accent, and many brides prefer to wear cream or ivory colored gowns during the fall instead of bright white. The groom and his groomsmen should also wear dark fall-colored flowers pinned to their tuxedos. A great substitution to having a flower girl toss rose petals would be tossing small fall leaves. Whether you opt for a traditional church ceremony or an outdoor wedding, floral arrangements featuring leaves and acorns would make appropriate decorations.

Fall wedding ideas for your reception include the use of produce as decorations! Pumpkins, dried corn on the cob, apples, or cornucopias make great fall centerpieces, or you may prefer to set large dark baskets full of sunflowers in the middle of your reception tables. If you opt to have candles on your tables as well, be sure to set the candles a safe distance away from any flowers.

Wedding Cake

The inclusion of holiday favorites like turkey and stuffing in your wedding meal will add to the overall theme of the celebration. Pumpkin pie is a festive dessert that you can offer your guests, in addition to wedding cake, of course! Any wedding cake will look beautiful at your reception, but be sure to include icing accents in the colors of your bridesmaid dresses and floral arrangements!

Invitations And Favors

When considering fall wedding ideas, don’t forget to think of appropriate invitations and wedding favors. Heavy, cream-colored cardstock with raised lettering and a single acorn image in the bottom left-hand corner will be perfect for invitations to a fall wedding, and clear packages of Reese’s Pieces tied with an orange ribbon make for a wonderful wedding favor. The colors of the candy are perfect fit for a fall wedding.

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