Electric RC Car Shell

Go to any toy shop, consumer electronics shop, hobby shop or even visit a web site specialising in Remote/ Radio Controlled cars or web sites selling Electric RC Cars. There are bewildering varieties of Electric RC Cars to choose from: Different types, Different brands, Different models – each in many assorted colors and finishes.

As with real cars, many variants of a brand or different brands of a same company can be built on a same platform of the brand owning company, with changes in subsystems and shells to bring out different looks. It is the looks that are most striking feature to differentiate between variants and car models. This is often achieved by using different shells on a same platform or on a few platforms.

And RC cars, which imitate their real counterparts form point to point, also use the principle, although, an RC car shell is not exactly the same as a real car’s. Here, in the two-piece construction, different Electric RC Car shells are used on a same chassis to make many different models, variants and types. Also, a same shell on different chasses can make different cars or trucks or buggies. Inside the shell, depending on the type of RC car, the subsystems and their specifications may vary.

Whatever materials, with which chassis and subsystems might be made, typically, carbon composites, aluminium alloys, plastic, fibre glass etc., a shell is usually made of plastic in dazzling colors with stunningly realistic details.

This method also has madness! If you assemble an Electric RC Car all by yourself using a kit or spare parts or on an upgrade of an existing car or even on an existing RTR car, use many suitable different shells to race a different car each time. So, Go! Shell out a few more bucks for a few more Shells!

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