Gas RC Sprint Cars

To somebody that does not know about them, Gas RC Sprint Cars look strange at first sight. They have Formula 1 car wheels, a front body with a large wing on top and two on the sides, and to top it off, it has a metal cage that encases the top and sides!

The essence of Real Sprint Cars is a low weight to power ratio. They are designed for very fast racing at speeds of more than 125 mph on dirty racetracks, mainly to train the NASCAR (National Association for Stock Car Auto Racing) drivers. These cars achieve very high power to weight ratios by using relatively small sized and very light bodies equipped with powerful engines for top speeds. Because they are very fast, they need to stick to the ground during racing and being lightweight doesn’t help. So a top wing is devised to add extra thrust and two side wings to aid in turning. It also uses a cage-like metal structure mounted on top for safety of drivers, in case of overturning or rolling during high-speed racing.

The Gas RC Sprint Cars also have a wing that is typically made of aluminum alloy or high-strength injection-molded nylon that is mounted on the top in the center. The cage is also made of the above materials or high-strength lightweight steel. The Lexan plastic body frame, side and front guards, high-strength carbon fiber chassis also helps in the reduction of weight.

Due to the very high speeds and lightweights, these are primarily used for racing on dirty tracks in short stretches and for rough training on dirty bumpy tracks.

The unique features of a Gas RC Sprint Cars are listed below:

1. Lightweight high-strength carbon-composite chassis.
2. Location of the engine and its systems is at the center of chassis for equal weight distribution among four wheels.
3. Aluminum alloy cage for roll protection.
4. Aluminum side guards and bumpers for rough racing.
5. Adjustable aluminum wings mounted on the top and sides.

There are many kinds of cars in the real world: Sedans, Trucks, SUVs, and Formula One cars. So, their imitating radio controlled cousins also are available in all of those types. While, a touring Gas RC Car is the most popular, the Gas RC Sprint Car is no doubt the most eccentric of the bunch.