How To Increase Life Of An Electric Rc Car’s Battery?

One cost that is recurrent for Electric RC Cars is batteries apart from tyres. The fact is, an Electric RC Car battery needs no less than 20 minutes to charge on the fastest battery chargers while it doesn’t give you more than 5 to 15 minutes of run time, depending on the racing conditions and racer’s skill. So, it’s always advised to keep at least one set of batteries to spare while another set is charging. If such is the case with them, if the life of an RC car’s battery is also short, racers will feel miserable.

So, it always pays to know how to prolong the life of an Electric RC Car battery. Different types of batteries may need some different kinds of care but there are some common things to note.

1.    Don’t keep the battery without discharging for long. More so, when the weather is hot.

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2.    Prolonged storage after discharge without recharge should also be avoided.

3.    Do not discharge the battery too deep nor recharge it again when there is still considerable charge.

4.    Undercharging, that is charging much less than 100% should also be avoided.

5.    Hot weather at more than 100 degrees F could lead to internal discharge, in batteries stored after recharge.

6.    If electrolyte level in batteries falls, the battery plates would be exposed leading to sulfation.

7.    Incorrect charging methods and inefficient chargers can harm the battery, reducing its life in the long run.

8.    As the heat catalyses chemical reactions, cold climes cause less charging and may even freeze a fully discharged battery.

9.    As the sulfation is the root cause in most cases described above, always keep it at bay. Use solar trickle chargers or anti-sulfation chemical additives for batteries or even some electronic products that control sulfation in an Electric RC Car Battery.

10.    Sometimes, the power consumed by certain accessories like clocks, alarms, lights, GPS, other electronic devices etc., that run even while the motor is off, the ‘Parasitic Drain’, as it is called, may discharge significantly and reduce the life of Electric RC Car battery.

So, a little knowledge, planning and care would give you most of your battery’s potential and life.

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