Rampage Gas RC Car

The Rampage Gas RC car is a Kyosho make model off-road buggy. It is an old version and has now been discontinued by Kyosho, the Japanese pioneer of electric and nitro RC Cars, Trucks, and Buggies. Kyosho is reputed for its quality and power packed Gas RC cars as well as its 1/24 scale electric RC racecars.

Rampage is a 1/10 scale off-road Gas Buggy powered on a two-stroke engine. In the early 90s and the late 80s, it was a big hit. However, its technology is quite complex

Internet RC Car groups and blogs are full of requests for help with Rampage Gas RC car or for its spare parts. The blogs make it seem as though the owners of the Rampage Gas RC car both love it and hate it. The lack of technical support and the scarcity of spare parts make it troublesome for its present owners.

Kyosho cars, in general, are for racing, but good for beginners too. The Rampage clocks speeds comparable to the best of electric RC cars. Kyosho Rampage Gas RC Car used an aluminium chassis frame. The front end is composed of arms, while the rear has old style hub carriers that narrow the rear width to scale proportion. It has a gas-powered engine that is located at the center of the chassis with its special fuel tank to the left side and the battery to its right.

The Rampage Gas RC car is a two-wheel drive buggy that is powered on a two-stroke nitro gas RC car engine. It was also released as a stadium truck called Outlaw Rampage, an on-road Corvette ZR 1, and a Thunder Bird.

While those who purchased it as a second hand car or as a new one just before its discontinuation vent their frustration about lack of after market support, those who owned it years ago share fond nostalgic memories and search for junk Rampage Gas RC cars to retrieve valuable spare parts just to keep it going. Hobby shops, Internet sites like e-bay, or Hobbytron may be of help if you need it.