The elusive power of drawing your own boundaries – Dating advice for men

Tired of being taken for granted? Are you Sick of being taken for a ride? Well, the fault could start in how you interact with people. It may well be possible that you start any interaction appearing to be sweet, polite and too timid, giving the impression to others that this guy can easily be walked on.

Its time you learn how, where and when to draw the line. It’s always good to seem tough on the outside, a soft core, rather than the reverse. Top business; loosen later, so people are quite clear that you really are a person with no frills.

Set your own standards of people’s expectations. How exactly what you want people? One of the biggest fears of human interaction with others is the “fear of rejection.” But once you make it clear on what values you stand and what you expect, people start to take you seriously.

They stop playing around with you, your privacy and your life in general. For example, when a woman hurts your feelings, or say firmly let her know as many words as you are ready for such nonsense. Either it changes its ways or let’s call it quits. Even if she leaves, she looks at you and leaves with grace on you.

Next important thing in life is to have a mission. One goal, one goal, for you live, you work towards. This direction in life really stands out of balance and does not let even a moment of your life go waste. Imagine the lives of some great men who have walked the planet.

How is it that they have not had problems with women? Simply because they were adding value to their own lives and the world every day of their lives, their only mission goal and focus, truly worthy of attracting women.

Take time off to yourself and do a recap of the past, your present and where you want to go. This life is for you. What you leave behind when you’re gone? It is not difficult to imagine.

You do not need to climb Mount Everest, or take a motor solo flight across the Atlantic, or indeed be a great philanthropic soul? Create hundreds of hospitals for the poor, its much simpler than that? Since the creation of a stable and loving family, or take a step towards the eradication of social evils in your neighborhood! Believe me; these attributes in a man are simply irresistible to women.

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