Learn how to be more attractive to men instantly By doing three things.

Several times women ask about how to be more attractive to men. So I’ll talk about here, but let’s start with the right expectations. Attractive, it is not just a title associated with supermodels. Models for magazine covers are not real, but they are more likely to air brushed to match the current standard of media, you can not really compete with that and most importantly, do you really think that men are superficial – do care about the outdoors?

Not to mention the beauty that supermodels standard is unrealistic, and before you know it will be superficial – like Barbie dolls. You do not need to waste so much time on laser surgery, permanent makeup, and professional reconstruction of the jaw so just to be more attractive to men. (OK, maybe it was a bit exaggerated, but you want to date only a handful of men you find attractive, not everyone does.) Thus, in three simple steps, here’s how to be more attractive to men instantly:

1. not a fake laugh, or a fake smile.

It is nothing less annoying than the fake ear to ear smile or laugh. The next time you go to a chocolate shop with your friends, look around and you’ll see a couple where one of them is the seeming laughter. You will then know what I mean. But really, a guy is not dumb, they’ll know if you’re pretending you smile or laugh too much, and it will backfire, rather than make you more attractive. But despite saying, please be generous with your smile; make sure they are not true.

2. be sure who you are.

Confidence comes from within, and simple English, it really means: faith in you that you’re up to. But you must know, however, it comes from within and it shows outside. Basically, if you think you’re attractive, you will be attractive. This is no joke. This will also attract other whether or not a romantic interest, but come on, has friends who mean more invitations to social events and, therefore, more men.

3. Wear things that will attract attention to your “active”.

Is it a coincidence that men are visual creatures, and most women have a type of asset (both hidden and not hidden)? Certainly, many women do not even realize their heritage, or do not know how a single bit to flaunt what she has, but it is the reason why you should learn. Do not worry about learning and knowing the latest fashion trends out there in magazines, due to wear the latest trend is not how to be more attractive to men. Wearing the latest trend quite envy you GIRL friends – which is not the point yeah? So next time you go shopping for clothes, get the most and who you should or not is the latest trend in the spring season.

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Moreover, it is probably better to buy something that does not last more than three months. It will also save some money too. So if you think you are gifted for example, about your back or chest, to show them. Just show what you have (without being trashy of course). Find clothes which fit you every time and for them. Men are no less, if you wear a pair of jeans from four seasons ago so go get a pair of make-your-bum-look-good jeans last season during the next Christmas sale and go with them.

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