Agility training of the Border collie

Border Collies are well mannered in general and they are hyperactive in their nature. To utilize and work with the energetic nature of these breed of dog they are indulged in different kind of activities sports are one of them and in between different kind of sports activity it is always the game of agility that takes out the best performance out of a Border collie participants.

Agility is activity item of sports. It is comprised of a series of activities like jumping from and of different heights and distance; a narrow plank to walk on it; a ladder to climb on; a balancing on a sea saw; jumping between the hanging tyre; crossing two or more different kinds of tunnels; and ultimately a series of 12 upright poles where the dog supposed the track by a zigzag motion. This walking process of zigzag motion is called weaving and border collied excels in this portion in a superb way.

The rule of this event is each hurdle needs to be crossed by the Border collie and each part of the obstacle is fixed with a stipulated time. Moreover, this stipulated time is fixed on measuring the distance needs to be covered by the dog. If the dog misses or overlooks any instruction points are to be deducted from the score. The general areas where the collies lose their points are talking a particular upright poles out, overlooking at a jump item or taking more time than mentioned to complete though the last one is rare for border collie because of their proneness to act in a hyper way.

To train a border collie to compete in this sports the trainer needs to teach the dog different kinds of commands like left, right, turn around, go straight, etc and the dogs needs to learn and act according to the command of the master. But as this kind of dogs are intelligent enough and everyday the master maintains the same cycle of command to practice the dog will grow a tendency to anticipate command before hearing and due to its hyper nature will act even before learning an following the command of his master.

While participating in this sports event, the asset of a border collie is its speed and grace and the athletic ability of the dog. About the perfection about the completion of the events this dog may lack its perfection due to it’s over active nature but most gracefully, it can complete the course, that is the best part of the Border Collie.